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Ganesh Mandapam with Aadhaar Number, Address

Ganesh Mandapam with Aadhaar Number, Address
Ganesh Mandapam with Aadhaar Number, Address

On the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi, the idols and mandapas of Ganesha are being unveiled in the country. In the case of a Ganesha Mandapam built in Jharkhand, creativity has reached its peak. A Ganesha mandapam has been built to resemble the model of Aadhaar card like never before in the country. Doing special pujas with Ganesha in it has become a topic of interest everywhere. This incident took place in Jamshetpur, Jharkhand.

As usual Ganapati mandapam… four stick top roof… if not new designs to be a bit modern, lighting at that level… or decoration. We are seeing all this every week. But this time, on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavthi, the organizers of a Ganesh temple in Jamshetpur have crowned an innovative idea. Ganesh Mandap was built in the style of Aadhaar card, which is said to be a symbol of identity for everyone. As in Aadhaar card, there are details like names of parents, date of birth, place of birth. Another important thing is that placing a Ganesha statue in place of the photo in the Aadhaar card is attracting everyone.

The details of Lord Ganesha on the Ganesh Mandapam banner of this Aadhaar card are now keeping everyone’s eyes away. As far as these details are concerned.. the administrators who printed Shri Ganesh near the name and Mahadev near the father’s name.. instead of the address they said Kailash Parvat, upper floor, Kailash near Manasarovar river. The pin number is 000001. As for the details of the date of birth.. the first month, the first date, he has written as a person belonging to the 6th decade. Finally, instead of the Aadhaar card number, a mandapa was made similar to the Aadhaar card with the number 9678 9959 4584. People from the surrounding areas are also showing interest to see this Ganesh Mandapa which has been built in an unprecedented manner. Due to this, the photos of this Aadhaar Card Ganesh Mandap are circulating on social media.. This Mandap has become viral.

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