Dumka like crime accused ali arrested in delhi who fired at 16 year old school girl

Dumka like crime accused ali arrested in delhi who fired at 16 year old school girl
Dumka like crime accused ali arrested in delhi who fired at 16 year old school girl
New Delhi: The accused from Delhi, who carried out an incident like Dumka in Jharkhand, has now been arrested. Ali tried to entrap a girl from another community in the trap, but did not get success, so he got angry and started to take her life. The matter is of the Sangam Vihar area of ​​Delhi, the capital of the country. Keep in mind that in Dumka too, a young man named Shahrukh burnt the minor Ankita alive in her house itself. The girl succumbed to 90 percent burns, after which there was a ruckus in the entire country.

Girl returning from school was shot

On the other hand, the discussion of the Dumka incident gained momentum when a boy named Ali in Delhi tried to repeat the Dumka incident. The girl was returning home from school when Ali, riding a bike, shot her from behind. The girl is seriously injured and is undergoing treatment. The incident happened on 26 August. The victim’s father told that his daughter’s school is at a distance of two km from the house. The daughter was returning home from school with her cousin. The girl’s mother was also there with her, but she had moved forward a little while the two sisters were walking side by side. As the girls reached near their house, the boy opened fire from behind. The father told that he was in the office at Mahipalpur at the time of the incident. Then he got a call from his wife. The wife gave him complete information about the incident. He ran away from the office.

Delhi Crime News: Boy from other community, girl stopped conversation.. then boy took a scary step
The lax attitude of the police is also responsible

The girl’s father alleges that in June itself, he had told the police about the stray boy that he was harassing my daughter. Then the beat constable scolded the boy and left. He told that the boy is actually from the locality. He was molesting his 16-year-old daughter. Then he didn’t pay much attention. Later the boy started sending friend requests to the girl through social media platforms. The girl did not accept a single friend request. After that Ali started chasing the girl. He kept on stare and whenever the girl left, Ali would follow him. Disturbed by this, the father had informed the police, and now Ali has carried out such a big incident.

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