‘Operation Tandav’ against crime in Outer Delhi, exclusive conversation with DCP Brijendra Kumar Yadav

New Delhi: NBT Suraksha Sabha is in Samaypur Badli area of ​​Outer District this Friday. The most effective ‘Operation Tandav’ and ‘Operation Hawk Eye’ against crime in the district. Under the supervision of district DCP Brijendra Kumar Yadav, many such positive steps were taken, whose effect is visible on the ground. This is the reason ‘Operation Search Light’, ‘Sadbhavna Cell’ different from Operation Spider-Man, makes the policing of this district the best. DCP Brijendra Kumar Yadav implemented the unique idea of ​​Sadbhavna Cell, started with the aim of humanity, service. Outer North district being adjacent to Haryana border, Rohini, North West district often had challenges like gangs, gangsters and gang wars. To deal with which ‘Operation Tandav’ is a symbol of fear among the criminals. Why is the policing of 2010 batch IPS Brijendra Kumar Yadav different from others. NBT spoke to him on all these aspects.

In the midst of challenges, how much does the general public trust the police?
The Outer North District Police works on a zero tolerance policy against crime and criminals. Several steps have been taken to prevent this. For example, there is a strategy of surprise checking to prevent street crime. Also Hawk Eye Operation. Vehicle app usage, search operation. Actually, my focus is direct contact with the public. This gives ideas and feedback for crime control. They are our ‘Eye and Year’. My only appeal to the people is to see, hear, understand anything suspicious activity around you. Please share without hesitation. Police is always with you.

What is the concrete step in dealing with gang war, gangster menace?
By the way, the police of the district is always alert about gang wars, gangsters. Still, I keep doing reality checks myself. Our teams are active. Due to better rapport with the people, action operation Tandav is going on against the sympathizers of the gangsters and the gangsters – operatives. We had 23 encounters till June. 34 criminals caught. 75 pistols recovered. 149 cartridges seized. Due to being a border area, gangs, gangsters often used to come and commit crimes from unseen routes from other places. We have marked such paths. Which gangsters often used. We put a guard of police pickets on those roads. As a result, the district is safe from gang-war related incidents.

What is goodwill cell, it is discussed a lot among people?
Most importantly, it is the only district in which we have constituted ‘Sadbhavna Cell’ for the first time. In this, every entire district, from beat staff to SHO, is targeted to do one thing every day in the whole day related to human service. The result was good. Every day the staff does noble work with great enthusiasm. Updates him with photos in the WhatsApp group of Sadbhavna Cell. This has not only instilled confidence among the people in the image of police and policing. Rather the staff has a pleasant experience.

What steps are being taken in the district for women safety?
Many girls of the area have increased their confidence level through self-defense. It was my priority from the beginning. Apart from this, against women crime, we have deployed Lady Constable, a constable at all police pickets of every police station. Where the complaining woman can feel free to share her point. Every police station has a women’s help desk. Apart from this, the ‘Senior Citizen Cell’ is strongly active for the safety of the elderly. Meetings are held at every police station level for their security, quick resolution of the complaint.

Delhi Crime: This area of ​​Delhi has been in the grip of gang war and riots, it is on top in the case of illegal weapons.
How is the trend of crime and cybercrime, what steps have been taken?
The district police started a new initiative ‘Operation Spider-Man’ in the recent past by collecting details of robbery, snatching, vehicle theft and history-sheeter and street crime. In this, at the ground level, the data of such active criminals who come from the border states or districts was extracted. Details and photographs of such criminals were sent from all the police stations of the district. It is a crime control strategy with a focus on proactive policing, preventive policing and detection. Cyber ​​crime has increased in recent times. It was necessary to make people aware. There is a cyber cell police station in our district. Where cyber cell SHO, staff looks after such cases.

How prepared is the Outer District to deal with the terror threat?
The police of the district is always alert about anti-terrorism. Still, I keep doing reality checks myself. Volunteers have been made with the help of local market and people. Their job is to alert people from time to time about the terrorist threat.

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