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‘Anti-India’ was the most successful PM of this country, this Indian descent, ruled for 24 years

‘Anti-India’ was the most successful PM of this country, this Indian descent, ruled for 24 years
‘Anti-India’ was the most successful PM of this country, this Indian descent, ruled for 24 years

When he became Prime Minister again in 2018, his age was 92 years. The Indian-origin leader, who ruled for more than two decades, became the world’s oldest elected PM after being sworn in as the PM.

Mahathir Muhammad was Prime Minister for 24 years in the country’s 64-year history of independence (File)

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This week is going to be very special in the history of Britain because it will get a new Prime Minister on 5 September. This time for the top post of the country, the leader of Indian origin and Former Minister Rishi Sunak He is also staking a claim and giving a tough competition to his rival Liz Truss. If Rishi becomes PM, then it will be a unique history that the country which kept India a slave for 200 years is now the leader of that country. Indian values is going to be a person. Well, there is still time in what happens on September 5, but we are going to tell you about a country considered to be prosperous, which has often been anti-India and that country has been led by a strong leader of Indian origin and That too for more than two decades.

If Rishi Sunak becomes the PM of Britain, then this country will also be included in more than a dozen countries where a person of Indian origin has led the country. We are talking about Malaysia. Malaysia is also one of those countries which is headed by a person of Indian origin. The special thing is that this country has been interfering unnecessarily in the internal affairs of India on most of the occasions.

Continuous ‘interference’ in India’s internal affairs

India’s relationship with Malaysia has had its ups and downs. In the last few years, Malaysia has openly opposed India on internal issues like changes in Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), not only in international forums on its behalf. Efforts were also made to raise the issues. Along with this, Malaysia also appealed to the Muslim countries to come together on these internal matters. Compared to India, the proximity of Malaysia to Pakistan has increased continuously these days. Not only this, Malaysia has given shelter to the most wanted Zakir Naik in India and has been continuously refusing to extradite him. All this happened during the tenure of the Prime Minister who is of Indian descent and his grandfather was born in India.

Talking here is about Mahathir bin Muhammad, who is counted among the most successful politicians of Indian descent in any country in the world. Mahathir Muhammad became prime minister for the first time in July 1981 and remained in office until October 2003. After this, he became Prime Minister again in May 2018 and remained in office till March 2020. In this way, he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia for a total of 24 years.

PM spent 24 years in 64 years of independence

When he became Prime Minister again in 2018, his age was 92 years at that time. Mahathir, who ruled for more than two decades, took oath as the Prime Minister and also took the title of the world’s oldest elected leader. At the same time, he is the longest-serving leader of the Prime Minister in Malaysia.

Before becoming the Prime Minister, Mahathir Muhammad also held important positions like Cabinet Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the country. Mahathir has been instrumental in taking Malaysia on the path of progress. For his efforts to promote the country’s economic development, Mahathir is called the father of modern Malaysia. Mahathir Muhammad has been the Prime Minister of the country for 24 years in the 64-year history of Malaysia’s independence. Malaysia became independent from Britain in 1957.

Mahathir Mohamad’s thinking is behind the development of Malaysia and the construction of skyscrapers. The huge airport of Kuala Lumpur and the world famous Petronas Twin Tower 452 meters high are also examples of his thinking.

Mahathir is related to this state of India

Mahathir Muhammad is also included in the world’s most successful Indian leaders, who has seen 24 springs of his life as Prime Minister. Mahathir was born on 10 July 1925 in Alor Sitar, the capital of Kedah State, which came under British rule. He was the youngest of nine siblings, and was known by the nickname Cake Date. The ancestors of Indian-born Mahathir Muhammad are related to Kerala.

Mahathir’s father Mohammed bin Iskander belonged to Penang Malay. His ancestors came from the South Indian state of Kerala and settled here. He was the first Malay headmaster and later headmaster of an English school in Alor Sitar. Mahathir’s mother Van Thempavan belonged to Van Kedah, while his grandfather moved from Kerala to Malaysia and married a Malay woman there.

The special thing is that Malaysia has a large list of Indian-origin leaders and apart from Mahathir, many other leaders have been very successful in the world of politics.

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