Nitish did not sit even though KCR was beaten ten times

Nitish did not sit even though KCR was beaten ten times
Nitish did not sit even though KCR was beaten ten times

BJP leader Laxman said that there is a ruckus about CM KCR not winning the house. He said that Nitish Kumar did not sit even if KCR bathed him ten times. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said that he did not care about KCR.. KCR has defamed Telangana. He said that KCR’s visit to Bihar made Abbas angry. KCR visited Bihar when he was facing many problems in Telangana. KCR’s comments yesterday seem to be coming closer to the Congress. Is Rahul Gandhi your leader? He said, “Who is your leader who is sitting and talking?”

Laxman said that there is nothing wrong in helping those who died in Galwan valley. He asked what is the condition of those who died in Telangana. He questioned why CM KCR is not supporting the families of Telangana martyrs. He became serious that KCR does not care if farmers are committing suicide in the state. He complained that KCR, confined to Pragati Bhavan and farmhouse, thinks of the same world.

Laxman said that people are watching everything. CM KCR said that the prices of vegetables are increasing. He questioned what they are doing if vegetables are coming to our state from neighboring states. Cabbage has to be imported from Karnataka, tomato and okra from AP, he said.

He said that there is no truth in the news of TDP’s alliance with BJP. BJP will contest alone in Telangana. He said that he will contest with Pawan Kalyan in Andhra Pradesh.. BJP is growing day by day in Andhra Pradesh. He said that there is no discussion on the alliance between BJP and TDP.

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