Kannathalli was prevented from coming to the wedding.

Kannathalli was prevented from coming to the wedding.
Kannathalli was prevented from coming to the wedding.
A young woman has shared her experiences of breastfeeding on social media. Now this incident has gone viral. Felicity Ray, the bride, took to her social media platform to say that she did not invite her younger brother’s mother to her wedding. However, she resents that her mother tells other people things that are not true about her. Apart from that.. the young lady said that she has already told many people that I am a drunkard and a vagrant. Netizens are reacting differently to this. Some are standing by the young lady.. while others are standing in support of the young lady that she has taken such a step no matter how emotional she is. There are no details of where the incident took place. Now this incident has become viral (Video).

Meanwhile, a young woman chased a young man to marry her.
A strange incident happened in Nawada in Bihar. It has now gone viral. The incident took place in the local Bhagat Singh Chowk. A young man from Bihar got married to another young woman three months ago. As dowry.. Fifty thousand rupees and a bike were also given in advance. However.. after a few months the boy defected. When he gets married, he changes his mind. The girl and her relatives started searching for him. Then.. they saw a young man on the road.
Then.. immediately the young lady and her relatives caught her to get married. So he freed them and ran away. However, the girl chased him. With this, the police entered. Both were taken to the police station. The relatives of both were called and a panchayat was held. After talking to the representatives of the two, they got married in a grand manner at the station itself. This incident has now become a viral video on social media.

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First published:August 31, 2022, 18:30 IST

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