PDR Thiagarajan – Annamalai takes to Twitter: Tamil Nadu’s curse VS not equal to slippers

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Tamil Nadu Finance Minister B.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan and BJP. State President K. Annamalai is also constantly clashing on Twitter. In this case, Annamalai posted yesterday that the finance minister is not even equal to his sandal and has caused controversy.

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister B.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan and BJP. The war of words between the state president and Annamalai has reached its peak. PDR Palanivel Thiagarajan had published a Twitter post in English at around 5:30 pm yesterday evening.

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The post reads, “Why don’t I even call the goat (picture of the goat) by its name?

1) Searched for publicity with the dead martyr’s body.

2) Arranged to throw slippers on a car with national flag.

4) Talking emotionally.

Aadu (image of a goat) and those questioned by the High Court about their mental state are the banes of Tamil society.

Annamalai Answer

In response to this post by PDR, K. Annamalai posted a series of posts on Twitter. In it, the finance minister had said that he was not even fit for his sandals, which is currently under controversy.

“Mr. PDR. Your problem is this:

Living in ancestral pride, you and your crowd cannot accept a self-styled farmer’s son as a man.

Have you accomplished anything in life other than being born into a great tradition?

You are a curse to politics and this state!


You have to understand that there are people like us who don’t fly on huge planes, don’t close banks, and have sober brains and lives.

Finally, you don’t even deserve my shoes.

I will not stoop that low. Don’t worry!” said K. Annamalai in that tweet.

On this issue, BJP’s IT team and DMK’s social media team are clashing on Twitter.

PDR The conflict between Palanivel Thiagarajan and Annamalai has been going on for a long time but it came to a head after the shoe-throwing incident in Madurai.

On August 13, a shoe was hurled at the Finance Minister’s vehicle during a dispute over paying respects to the body of a deceased soldier. Subsequently Madurai Metropolitan District BJP. Secretary Saravanan left the party. Those who threw the shoes were arrested.

After this, an audio of a conversation between Madurai Suburban District Secretary Suchinthran and Annamalai was released. The audio sounded like it was planning to throw a shoe. But, BJP The party denied that the audio was fake. It is this conflict that has now reached its climax.

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