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Many emotions.. The video shared by Anand Mahindra is going viral

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra One of the most active celebrities on Twitter. His tweets, Share The videos make many people think.

He is the latest Ganesh Chaturthi He shared an emotional video on the occasion. It gives a big message to the society.

This is Lord Ganesha sitting next to the driver describes not only the driver, Ganesha He was also wearing a seat belt Video Length 1.36 minutes.Road Safety Special attention was paid to the importance. Sharing the video, Anand Mahindra He wrote like this.’Ganesh Chaturthi The story of … the story of India’. There are interesting facts about it.

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In the video, With the driver Ganesha Saying he is going home. He tells Ganesh that he is coming home after a year. He has a lot to do with them. He is now in better health with the grace of Amma.

He says to continue such kindness.At the checkpoint on the way Police driver stopped

The police saluted the Ganesha wearing a seat belt and then asked the driver to leave the place.


Again between the two conversation startsThe eyeless driver’s daughter The driver says that he has left the responsibility of college admission to him. He is waiting for her along with Modak. Then the phone rings. Driver He said that you have given life to God for a long time. Is he joining Bappa? the wife asks


On this The driver said he was not Bappa He is bringing them. Dev along with the driver also reaches home safely.

All the family members are very happy on reaching home.E Video Touching the hearts of netizens.

Many people are responding to this video in the form of comments.

The article is in Telugu

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