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Goa’s Curlis Club is in discussions after the death of BJP leader and Tiktok star Sonali Phogat. The tales of his infamy are coming out one after the other. This is the same club in which Sonali Phogat appeared in the CCTV camera with her PA Sudhir Sangwan. ‘Aaj Tak’ has tried to expose the dark truth of this club. Our team has recorded on the secret camera the words of two people who have exposed the misdeeds of the Curlis Club.

People go to Goa to spend moments of peace. It is known not only in the country but also abroad for its beach and fun. But drug dealers have made this Goa something else. Now Goa is being tainted with drugs and like Sonali, the white poison spreading in Goa has already killed many people. In which some of the names are included-

2008 – Scarlett Keeling
2010- Janice Sweeney
2017- Danielle McLaughlin
Sonali Phogat in 2022.

This is a complete series of mystery of rape, murder and death. In the last 15 years, crime related to drugs has flourished in Goa, and is taking root day by day. Large sea-facing clubs and restaurants in Goa are no longer strangers to such crimes. Goa’s Curlis Club has also not come into the limelight for the first time.

Even 14 years ago, this club had made headlines for such a big scandal. At the time, the mother of British-born Scarlett Keeling alleged that her daughter was sexually assaulted and left to die at the Curlis Club. And now Sonali Phogat’s family has been making such sensational allegations against the Curlis Club for their daughter.

Aaj Tak’s special investigative team present in Goa came out to know the truth of Curlis Club and conducted a sting operation on its manager V Pednekar. Apart from this, the Special Investigative Team also interacted with the former Sarpanch of Goa’s Anjuna Panchayat on intelligence camera. The revelations made by these two people expose the whole world of white poison i.e. drugs and the disgraced Curlis Club spreading in Goa.

Before we go any further, let us tell you that Patrick Savio Almeida was the Sarpanch of Anjuna Panchayat from 2012 to 12 August 2022. We were also shocked when Almeida told the truth about the Curlis Club in Goa to our team.

Patrick Savio Almeida – I got a lot of complaints.

Reporter – For Curlis?

Patrick Savio Almeida- Yes.

Reporter – What kind?

Patrick Savio Almeida- All the whole waiters sell drugs. On the other hand, the whole child spoiled the people. Why they’re not taking medical of children. He lives with everyone. Sub politician takes a week from him.

Reporter- He was in charge of the panchayat so he never offered you?

Patrick Savio Almeida- He did me. I said we will never meet. I told him whether the music should be stopped not to disturb in the public and you are partying for drugs. Shut it all down.

Reporter: So what did he say?

Patrick Savio Almeida- Yes it does. It does. He does. Later sets up the police. I even went alone to close. I went last year.

Reporter- You took only one attempt?

Patrick Savio Almeida – Been gone not one 10 times before.

Reporter – To close?

Patrick Savio Almeida- Yes. Through Panchayat complaint also sent many times.

Patrick Savio Almeida- There is a big lobby now gradually is increasing now the lobby of drugs.

So you heard, Patrick Savio Almeida told the truth about the curlis club in which Sonali Phogat reached her death. Savio reveals that waiters are selling drugs at an Anjuna Beach restaurant in Goa and politicians are tied for a week, with all the clubs having a tight police setting. After this, the Special Investigative Team of Aaj Tak interacted with the manager of the Curlis Club on an intelligence camera. As disclosed by the former sarpanch, the manager of Curlis also told the same story to our team.

V. Pednekar- Just yesterday also a customer was sitting here for breakfast. He had something too. I am speaking to you sincerely. He had something too. He was rolling. I said sir what is it? Just pay my bill and please go from here.

Reporter- Daily If you people think that you are taking drugs or drinking something after rolling, then how many people do you remove that brother go?

V. Pednekar- Max to Max We get 8-9 customers during the day, come from outside, have a beer and sit here. We have nothing. Beer is ours. The table is ours. The restaurant is ours.

Reporter- You are saying that daily 8-10 customers are removed?

V. Pednekar- Many people live or are not listening, then clear the bill and go brother.

Reporter- Well one thing and Dada I would like to know from you that you were saying that you take out 8-10 people daily. I will not write your line so instead of removing these why don’t you call the police that police come and take it, it has drugs?

V. Pednekar- No sir. Once our girlfriends left. That’s not our problem. I do not want to hurt the ego of another empty customer by calling the police and I also do not want the police to come here because mostly good family comes. Have dinner. Do Relax. let’s sit. do things. Suddenly the police came, what is this brother’s affair here? Police also comes, it will happen, this is natural thinking, so better tell the customer that you pay and go.

After the death of Sonali Phogat, the notorious record of Curlis Club is now intimidating, that is why Goa Police has started the process of canceling the license of Curlis Club. But this story is not just about a club or restaurant in Goa, now the credibility of the whole of Goa is at stake. The way crime and drugs have been exposed in Goa in the last one and a half decade, the future of Goa is also under threat.

The article is in Hindi

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