BJP’s game in AP.. If any party agrees to it, it will be with that party…!!

BJP has been aggressively focusing on southern states, especially in Telugu states.

Strong in Telangana The BJP over there In AP It is also trying to get stronger. It is moving silently in this order.

A the party If they say OK to alliances, they are sending signals that they are ready to make friends with that party. If they are given more seats in the form of an alliance in the next election, they will be inclined to stay with them.

BJP's Game In AP If Any Party Agrees To It, It Will Be With That Party. BJP, BJP Politics, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, YCP, TDP, AP Politics-BJP game in AP.

In the next election In AP Thirty seats should be given to BJP through alliances the party towards The BJP But BJP got only 05 percent votes in the last election. Deposits were not received even in one place. the party Even in three years, nothing big has happened. Nothing has been praised by the people. But In the 2024 elections In AP Only 30 seatsIt is said that he is hoping to compete.

But behind this demand The BJP It is said that a strategy is being written.

A game with key systems

That is.


In the program of distribution of money by the main parties in the next election, all the key departments will have to come together. In the hands of BJP Being is coming together.

In order to avoid any kind of problems from key systems including many departments in the next elections The BJP I want to get praise. I also want to pay more money.

This is a true story The BJP Behind the demand The BJP It is said that Kondek is making bargains because the weakness of the main parties in AP is well understood.

Now In AP Already To TDP who is longing for BJP alliance Also The BJP They say the reason is the demand for more seats.If TDP gets more seats, they will definitely support that party It is said that there will be.

Telugu Andhra Pradesh, Ap, Bjp, Telangana-Latest News - Telugu

Now With YCP The BJP alliance That is tomorrow, if unforeseen developments materialize, if YCP comes forward to give more seats to BJP. On the other side They say that there is no chance of favoring them. In a way, they want to turn YCP towards them BJP alliance with TDP They are also expressing the suspicion that they are playing a mind game. Another thing is that if YCP does not agree to give up to 30 seats to alliances, they should say that they are ready for alliances with TDP. Among BJP leaders A large-scale discussion is going on. It is said that they are showing political acumen to change the two main regional parties who are yearning for a deal with them.


They say that they are also preparing to use the systems in their hands in this order. Looking at these results.

Once upon a time, celebrities like Vajpayee Advani styled it The BJP Doing it this way means that the party It is said that facts are doing politics by keeping aside theories.In Telugu states There is no one who does not know what to think when they see the heights.

And The BJP What is in the plan? the party Let’s wait and see…


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