Shocking Increase POCSO Cases In Tamil Nadu | NCRB 2021: Increase in POCSO cases in Tamil Nadu; Strict action is required

NCRB Report: The National Crime Archives has released its report analyzing the various crimes in the country such as murder, robbery, sexual crimes, crimes against women, crimes against children recorded in 2021 across India. Crimes against children in Tamil Nadu increased by 39.80% in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. And 6,064 crimes against children were reported in the last one year. Of these, 4465 were POCSO cases. 69 children were killed. Three were sexually assaulted and killed. 99.25% of victims are girls. In that we will know about the details of POXO victims in Tamilnadu.

People affected by POXO:

In 2021, 3459 people affected by POXO in Tamil Nadu.

Under 6 years: 50 girls and 2 boys

6 years and under 12 years: 226 girls and 16 boys

Above 12 years: 1389 girls and 11 boys

16 to 18 years: 1770 females and 5 males

A total of 3433 cases have been registered under the POCSO Act in connection with juvenile sexual offences. In 3415 cases, the victim knew who the perpetrator was. That means in 99.5% cases the identity of the culprit is known.

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Who are those criminals?

292 people have been sexually harassed by family members.

956 people have been affected through family friends, outsiders, workplaces and other known persons.

2167 people have been affected by living together as well known friends, online friends, get married.

The report said that 18 people were affected by unidentified persons.

Crime against Children:

In 2021, a total of 1,49,404 cases were registered for crimes against children. This is a 16.2% increase over 2020. The number of cases increased from 1,28,531 in 2020 to 1,49,404 in 2021. .

Crimes against women:

In 2021, 4,28,278 cases against women were reported. This is 15.3% higher than in 2020.

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