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Published on : 1 September 2022, 12:32 pm




In 25 villages of Radhanagari
‘One Village – One Ganesha’

Rashiwade Budruk T. 1: 443 public Ganeshotsav mandals have welcomed Ganesha in Radhanagari taluka. In these 25 villages, the concept of ‘one village-one Ganesha’ is being implemented. After a long break from Corona, this year the villages will experience the joy of Ganeshotsav. Chauka-Choukant and Gallogalli Mandap are decorated. This enthusiasm is being seen in small and big villages as well as big villages. Although 443 mandals are officially registered with the police station in the taluka, there are many unregistered mandals. Police Inspector Appasaheb Koli has appealed to make this year’s Ganeshotsav free of Dolby and without any pollution. He has also appealed to all to cooperate in peace and harmony till the dissolution. The villages of Rashiwade Budruk, Shirgaon, Dhamod, Mhasurli, Pungaon, Tarle, Awali Budruk, Radhanagari, Gudal, Solankur, Sarwade, Kasba Walwe, Thikpurli, Turambe, Kaulav, Ghotwade etc. have the attraction of Ganeshotsav mandals.

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