Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar Initiative Majha Ek Divas Majhya Balirajasathi Started From Today

Abdul Sattar: State Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar’s initiative ‘Majha Ek Divas Majhya Balirajasathi’ (Majha Ek Divas Majhya Balirajasathi) will start from today. Through this initiative, Agriculture Minister Sattar will live with the pigs for a day. What difficulties do farmers face while farming? Why does a farmer choose to commit suicide? He has started this initiative to solve all these questions. This initiative has been started from today in Melghat, where the highest number of farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha. He stayed the night with Shailendra Salkar, a farmer of Sadrabadi village in Amravati district.

Meanwhile, farmers and villagers of Sadrabadi village in Amravati district welcomed the initiative of Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar. He also admired them. Today, from the village of Sadrabadi in Melghat, the initiative ‘My One Day for My Baliraja’ will be launched. Sattar will go to the field today and discuss with the farmers. To understand the problems of the farmers, officials and officials will stay and interact with the farmers for a whole day. They will also understand everyone’s problems.

Understand the problems of farmers

In order to formulate an easy and effective agricultural policy, it is necessary for the administration to understand the problems and problems faced by the farmers, and take strategic decisions on what measures should be taken. For this, the officers and officials of the administration are going to spend a whole day with the farmers and go to the root of the farmers’ problems. It is for this that the state’s Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has proposed the concept of implementing the initiative ‘My Ek Diwas Mere Baliraja’ai’ across the state. Under this initiative, all the senior officers of the administration, scientists of the university will spend a whole day with the farmers on the farm and in rural areas from morning till evening. They will discuss the difficulties faced in their daily farming activities.

How will Agriculture Minister Sattar’s program be today?

Agriculture Minister Sattar will visit the farm today at 9 am along with Dattatray Patel. There will be soybean spraying and discussion with them. After that, cotton weeding/spraying will take place in Rajesh Dawalkar’s field next door. Later, an electric pump will be given to Babulal Javarkar’s field for inspection and spraying of soybeans. From there they can go to Kishorilal Dhande’s farm and inspect the orange orchard in his farm and prune, fertilize and spray the oranges. After that a well was given to Nandlal Bethekar and he will inspect it. From there, Thimbak Sanch will inspect the farm of Ashok Patel and Tushar Sanch will inspect the farm of Ramgopal Bhilavekar. And then they will inspect the rotavator in Batu Dhande’s farm and the damage due to heavy rain in Nathu Gadge’s farm and then Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar will inspect the Awajar Bank of Purusha Safat Group.

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