Ambikapur Municipal Corporation Strictly Removed Handcarts And Dumps In Chhattisgarh ANN

Ambikapur Municipal Corporation: The Municipal Corporation has become strict on those who decorate the handcarts, dumps and shops outside the shop, which have been disrupting the traffic system of Ambikapur city of Chhattisgarh for a long time. Along with the traffic disruption, due to these handcarts, the vending zones and no vending zones were not being followed in the city. This was explained earlier also by the Municipal Corporation, but now strict action is being taken against those who set up shops on the road.

In Chowpatty road, so many fast food carts were put up that it was difficult to come to this route as soon as evening fell. Traffic police also reached here many times and tried to make arrangements but the system was not improving. This matter was strongly raised in the general meeting of the Municipal Corporation and now the Municipal Corporation has intensified the action against the handcart, Gumti.

The miscreant broke the windows of the excavator

Action is going on continuously on the instructions of Ambikapur Municipal Corporation Commissioner IAS Pratishtha Mamgai. It is being opposed in some places, but this time the municipal administration is showing strictness. On Tuesday evening, a situation of dispute arose in the school road. Some people threw stones at the excavator, which broke its glass. In two days, the municipal team removed about 30 carts from Chowpatty area and 15 from the school road, dumps. Action is also being taken to remove the handcarts and dumps on the road from other places as well.

More than 50 stalls have been removed

People have started arbitrarily placing carts, dumps in various routes of Ambikapur city. Encroaching the road and decorating the shop. Such a situation has been created on every road of the city. From time to time, councilors have been raising their voices in the Municipal Corporation regarding this. In the recently concluded general assembly, the opposition councilors also raised it strongly. Mayor Dr. Ajay Tirkey and in-charge of Public Works Department Shafi Ahmed instructed the officials of the Municipal Corporation to remove the carts transparently. After the instructions of the General Assembly, the proceedings started. In two days, more than 50 handcarts, dumps have been removed.

Mayor appealed for cooperation in action

Mayor Dr Ajay Tirkey said that the traffic system of the city is getting affected due to random handcarts, dumps. Only the citizens of the city are facing problems due to this. The system of the city is also deteriorating due to the haphazard placement of handcarts. He said that people gather to eat fast food and the road gets blocked due to the crowd. In such a situation, unrest is also spreading due to small things day by day. Municipal corporation, police administration are jointly engaged in making arrangements for the city. He said that cooperate in this action of the Municipal Corporation, do not spread disorder.

The mayor said that vending and no vending zones in the city have already been set. In such a situation, do business by putting your handcart at the right place. He has also urged the public representatives of the opposition parties not to try to shelter anyone, but to cooperate in the action of the corporation.

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