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The winners of the Kerala Tourism cooking competition have Onamsadya with flowers

Janayugom Webdesk

September 1, 2022 4:42 pm

The 10 winners of the cooking competition organized by Kerala Tourism 2020-21 made their visit to Kerala a memorable one by participating in the Onapukalam and Onasadya with their families. Out of the ten families who visited Kerala, five families are foreigners.
The winner Svetashova Natalya from Russia said that it was a great experience. Vidhichug from West Bengal raved about the taste of the dishes. Athena Iona Panta (UK), Nikita Morozov (Russia), Roxana Dana Saila (Romania), Yuki Shimizu (Japan), Ramalakshmi Sundararajan (Telangana), Jaya Narayan (Maharashtra), Himanandini Prabhakaran (Karnataka) and Vinny Sukanth (Andhra Pradesh) Other Contest Winners

Along with pappadam, fruit and stew, the oon with kutharichore, dal, sambar and kale became a favorite of all the guests, local and foreign. Onam Sadya was arranged at Ravis Hotel, Kozhikode. The team reached Rawis after visiting the Pazhassiraja Archaeological Museum in the city. Visitors also got a chance to arrange flowers there. As part of Kerala Tourism’s three-pronged Malabar Tourism, the visit was mostly focused on North Kerala. Tourism Minister PA Muhammad Riaz said that more importance has been given to visits to Kannur, Kozhikode and Wayanad districts. He added that it is the declared policy of the government to promote Malabar tourism. The eight-day visit began on August 27.

KS Srinivas, Principal Secretary, Tourism Department, said that the cooking competition played a major role in keeping Kerala Tourism’s website active. Kerala Tourism’s website received more than one crore hits during the Covid period. He said that the tourism department’s steps to activate online interactions also helped in this. The Kerala Cooking Competition 2020–21 was open to any non-Malaysian from within and outside the country. A total of 11,605 people had registered for the competition. 8,600 of them were from within the country and 2,629 from abroad. Video entries were uploaded on the website of Kerala Tourism and winners were selected based on public voting.

Ten winners were announced in the second phase of the election. The results of the four-member jury were announced by Minister PA Muhammad Riaz.
A free visit to Kerala was also arranged for the winners. As part of this, the team will visit various places in the state till September 3. Kochi, Kumbalangi and Mattancherry are also included in the visit. Kavwai Kayal, Kannur District, Sec. The group also visited Angelo Fort, Muthappan Temple, Muthanga in Wayanad, Idaikal Cave and Beypur Beach in Kozhikode.

English Summary: The winners of the Kerala Tourism cooking competition have Onamsadya with flowers
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