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Uttarakhand: Due to the panic of uttarakhand leopard, two villages of pauri became peopleless

Uttarakhand: Due to the panic of uttarakhand leopard, two villages of pauri became peopleless
Uttarakhand: Due to the panic of uttarakhand leopard, two villages of pauri became peopleless
Kotdwar, Sep 1 (PTI) Two blocks of Uttarakhand’s Pauri district, which have been living in fear of leopards for a long time, one village each in Dugadda and Pokhra have become peopleless within a week, while normalcy of people in other villages too. Life is being affected by this.

Due to the active activities of leopards for the last several years, the people of Dugadda and Pokhara are forced to be imprisoned in their homes in the evening, which is badly affecting the daily lifestyle of the people. Almost the entire day of village adults goes to drop the children off school, bring them back and worry about their safety. It is also affecting their financial condition.

To get out of this situation, people of Godi village of Dugadda block and Bharatpur village of Pokhara block have left their homes and gone elsewhere.

The village of Godi, situated just 16 km away from Kotdwar city, became peopleless on August 25. Only four families were living in the village and due to the fear of leopard, they too have been forced to leave their ancestral house, land and farming and take shelter in rented houses in Dugadda and Kotdwar.

Chandra Prakash Chaudhary, a resident of Godi village now living in Kotdwar, told PTI that earlier 12 families lived in the village, out of which eight families had migrated from the village a few years ago and sometimes came to the village. Used to do

Chaudhary said that on April 10 last year, the leopard took away Mahi, the five-year-old daughter of Chandra Mohan Dabral, who was playing in the courtyard, after which people stopped visiting the village.

He told that in July this year, the leopard had made the village’s Reena Devi its prey after leaving the child after leaving the school. Chaudhary said, “This incident broke the courage of the four families and everyone took a collective decision and said goodbye to the village with a heavy heart.”

Shanti Devi of Godi village told that they have left most of their belongings in the village and they are facing many problems in starting a new life.

Dozens of villages of Chaubattakhal tehsil of Pokhara block are also living in fear of leopard for the last several years. On June 10 last year, Godavari Devi, who was working in the fields near her house in Dabra village of the area, was attacked by a leopard, in which she died. Earlier, in May 2018, Virendra Kumar, a resident of Sundarai village, was attacked and killed by a leopard in a roadside passenger shed.

Apart from Dabra and Sundarai, people of dozens of villages like Bharatpur, Mazgaon, Kilwas, Quin, Mazgaon, Chamnau, Soudal etc. are living in panic of leopard.

Bharatpur village has also become completely empty due to the fear of leopard. During the Corona period, two families returned to the village and started farming, but due to the panic of the leopard, Sanjay Sundriyal left the village a few months ago, in view of the safety of his children and old parents, and went to Delhi.

Ramesh Chandra Sundriyal, who was living alone in the village, also left the village two days ago and has made his new home in Gawani town, about 10 km away.

These days, the activities of leopards have increased so much in the forest parts of Kotdwar city, Lansdowne, Dugadda, Chaubattakhal and other places that in the last two months, leopards have swung and injured many motorcycle and scooty riders.

Social worker Sudhir Sundriyal said that five to six leopards are seen daily in these areas. When this happens, a voice is raised to warn people or they are alerted through the phone.

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