The family who came from across the state for divine darshan.. The girl left the hotel room early in the morning.. After five days..

The family came from Bihar to Rajasthan for divine darshan. The daughter who slept with the family members at night, woke up in the morning and was not seen. The family members searched the surrounding areas. But it was nowhere to be seen. While frantically searching for where she had gone, they were all shocked when they received the information five days later. If we go into the details of this heartbreaking incident..

A clothing merchant from Kanthol village in Darbhanga area of ​​Bihar state, along with his family, came to visit Lord Balaji Maharaj in Mehdipur area of ​​Rajasthan state on August 25. All stayed at the guest house for the night. But when they woke up in the morning, their daughter Neha (15) was missing. Everyone was confused by this. Inquiries in known areas have yielded no result. In this order, the dead body was found in a drain near Mehndipur on Wednesday evening.

Dead bodies of mother and daughter naked in the house.. After 10 days the atrocity came to light with the arrival of the son.. What is the shocking twist..

The girl’s brother found the dead body and took it to the hospital for post-mortem. The police have registered a case and examined the CCTV cameras in the hotel. In the morning, the girl was seen leaving the hotel. The police said that no one has complained about the disappearance of the girl so far. He said that after the postmortem report, the past causes of death will be known. With this incident, the girl’s native village felt sad.

A 5-year-old boy who passed away in his mother’s arms while she was crying and calling him to open his eyes.

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