Uttarakhand: Hate speech accused threatens his life

Dehradun, Sep 1 (PTI) Jitendra Narayan Tyagi alias Waseem Rizvi, accused of giving a hate speech in Haridwar, has claimed that his life is in danger and he may be killed in a suicide attack.

Tyagi currently has time till September 2 to surrender from the Supreme Court.

The accused, who converted to Hinduism, Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, said on Wednesday that some miscreants of Jwalapur in Haridwar had planned to “behead” him while he was in jail. However, he said that the miscreants could not succeed because of the strict rules of the prison.

Tyagi said that he is not worried about the danger looming over his life. He said that he believes in Sanatan Dharma and will fight for it till his last breath.

He said that minorities in India have more freedom than the majority, so they can speak against Hindu gods and goddesses whenever they feel like it, while our allusions about their religious books are also labeled as hate speech.

Terming the allegations against him as false, Tyagi said that baseless allegations have been leveled against him. He said, “I am a victim of the conspiracy of Mullahs. Well this is the law. If cases have been registered against me, I will have to answer them.”

Indicating that he would soon surrender before the authorities, Tyagi said that he was going to jail again.

Terming the adoption of Sanatan Dharma as ‘ghar wapsi’, he said that he has no remorse on returning to Sanatan Dharma. He said, “I am in Sanatan Dharma and will remain in it till my last breath.”

However, he lamented that he was not treated like a long-lost relative returned home.

Describing the caste division of Hindus as his weakness, Tyagi said that ‘Islamic Jihad’ or terrorism cannot be fought unless people who believe in Sanatam Dharma unite.

Tyagi said that India’s daughters were taken to Afghanistan and sold as goods at the crossroads named ‘Dukhtaran-e-Hind’ but the division among Hindus did not allow him to speak out against this tyranny.

“Secularism does not mean silently tolerating atrocities,” he said.

Tyagi said that he is in depression and there is no certainty about his life. He said that he has written a book about what he found and lost in life, which may be published when he is no longer in this world.

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