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Gad-No-Vehicle Day | Sakal

Gad-No-Vehicle Day



Published on : 1 September 2022, 2:06 am




Gadhinglaj: On the occasion of No-Vehicle Day implemented in Shivraj, Dr. while walking to the college. Anil Kurade, Dr. Rahul Magdoom.

No-Vehicle Day in Shivraj
Gadhinglaj: A No-Vehicle Day activity was implemented in Shivraj College here. He received good response from professors and students. This activity was implemented by the National Student Army and Sports Department. Henceforth this activity will be implemented on 1st of every month. On the occasion of No-Vehicle Day, petrol, diesel two-wheelers and four-wheelers were prohibited in the college premises. Only eco friendly vehicles were allowed. President of Shivraj Vidya Sankula Prof. Kisanrao Kurade, Secretary Dr. Anil Kurade, Vice President Adv. Under the guidance of Digvijay Kurade, Head of Sports Department Dr. Rahul Magdoom planned.

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