Treasury art with tax collections Prajasakti

Treasury art with tax collections Prajasakti
Treasury art with tax collections Prajasakti

1.43 lakh crore GST in August
Union Finance Ministry Disclosure

Prajashakti-New Delhi Bureau: The coffers of the government are being filled with tax collections from the common people in the country. Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections are increasing massively as the tax burden is imposed on every commodity. This is evidenced by the record of tax collections of over Rs.1.40 lakh crore for the sixth consecutive month. In August of the current year, Rs.1,43,612 crores of GST has been collected. Union Finance Ministry disclosed on Thursday that despite a decrease of 4 percent compared to Rs.1.49 lakh crore in the month of July, there has been an increase of 28 percent compared to the same August last year. The finance department has disclosed that in the last month, collections under CGST were Rs.24,710 crore, SGST was Rs.30,710 crore, IGST was Rs.77,782 crore and cess was Rs.10,168 crore. GST collections have increased by 33 percent to Rs 7.46 lakh crore in the last five months. Last month, Maharashtra ranked first in tax collection compared to various states. Apart from Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Manipur islands, 14 states and union territories saw an increase in tax collection. Andaman and Nicobar Islands saw a minus 21 percent, 73 percent in Lakshadweep and 22 percent in Manipur. On the other hand, GST collections have increased by 11 percent in Arunachal Pradesh, 10 percent in Assam, 11 percent in Jammu and Kashmir, 10 percent in Rajasthan, 13 percent in Sikkim and 10 percent in Telangana.

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