Double Murder: In Meerut, it was the brother-in-law who killed the pregnant wife and son of the bank manager, this reason came to the fore

Double Murder: In Meerut, it was the brother-in-law who killed the pregnant wife and son of the bank manager, this reason came to the fore
Double Murder: In Meerut, it was the brother-in-law who killed the pregnant wife and son of the bank manager, this reason came to the fore

Meerut, Jagran Correspondent. Double Murder The police has busted the murder of a bank manager’s pregnant wife and five-year-old son in Ramlila Ground Colony of Hastinapur, Meerut. The brother-in-law living in Noida, along with a relative, had killed the bank manager’s wife and child.

brother-in-law detained

The police has taken the murdered brother-in-law into custody. The arrest of his partner is being raided in Ghaziabad. The police have also recovered the scooty and some looted jewellery. After becoming a bank manager, Sandeep had shunned the family. Because of that the whole family was jealous of him.

a feeling of jealousy appeared

It was because of jealousy that Harish had done the audacious act. Sandeep Kumar’s family lives in Ramlila Ground Colony of Hastinapur. Sandeep Kumar is the Manager in the branch of Punjab National Bank located at Jalilpur, Bijnor.

suspected of murder

On Monday, Sandeep reached home after doing duty from the bank. Then the house was locked. Breaking the lock and looking inside, the body of wife Shikha and son Rudransh were lying inside the bed. Jewelery worth Rs 14 lakh and cash and scooty worth Rs 2.5 lakh were also missing from inside the house. Police registered a case of robbery and murder. Shikha’s father Sriprakash and husband Sandeep raised suspicion of murder on their brother-in-law Harish and cousin Arun alias Billu, resident of Hoshiarpur in Noida.

confessed his crime

The police caught both of them and interrogated them. Arun alias Billu was released, while Harish, along with a relative of his Ghaziabad resident, has confessed to the murder. After that the police recovered scooty and jewelery on the behest of Harish. The arrest of the second accused is being raided in Ghaziabad.

Harish used to keep digging with Sandeep’s progress

Harish, a resident of Noida, used to drive a taxi there. He has also requested Sandeep Kumar for help several times through his wife Dali. But Sandeep did not help him. Harish told the police that Sandeep had shunned his family after marrying Shikha. The family is still living in poverty. He did not help the family at any level. Harish was jealous of Sandeep because of this. He did all the planning and along with the relative made a plan to kill Shikha and her son. To show the murder as robbery, they also took away jewelery and cash and scooty.

they say

The double murder has been executed by the brother-in-law of the bank manager along with the partner. He is being questioned by the police by taking him into custody. The team has started a raid in Ghaziabad to nab his partner. The crime was committed due to jealousy of the bank manager.

– Rohit Sajwan, SSP

The whole newborn came out of Shikha’s womb

In the post-mortem, the child came out completely from Shikha’s womb. The doctors said that the baby was complete. Delivery was due soon. It is clear from him that the accused have committed three murders. After the post-mortem report, the police have also shown three murders in their records.

Murder was committed by strangulation with a dupatta: Harish had arrived with a pistol with the intention of killing. He frightened Shikha with a gun and strangled her to death with her dupatta. After that the son’s throat was also slit. While leaving the house, he locked the outside, so that he could comfortably ride on Scooty and go to Noida. He kept scooty and jewelery at his relative’s house in Ghaziabad. After that boarded the bus and went to Noida. The police had taken Harish and his wife into custody from Noida itself.

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