Liquor Smuggling 50 Lakh Liquor Of Punjab Seized Rajasthan Police In Dungarpur On Gujarat Border ANN

Liquor Bban is there in Dry State Gujarat. There is a ban on the production and consumption of alcohol. The Rajasthan Police keeps on taking action against the supply of illegal liquor on the Gujarat border. Smugglers do new experiments to avoid police action. This time also the smugglers made a unique experiment of supplying liquor but could not escape from the eyes of the police. During checking, the Dungarpur Police has seized liquor worth 50 lakhs from the mini truck. There was a preparation to take the liquor of Punjab to Gujarat. However, the smuggler escaped by dodging the police.

50 lakh liquor recovered from mini truck

Bichhiwada Police Officer Ranjit Singh said that they were blocking the highway last night in front of Ratanpur police post, adjacent to the Gujarat border. During vehicle checking in front, a mini truck was stopped going from Bichhiwada to Gujarat. As soon as the vehicle was stopped, the driver fled from the cabin taking advantage of the darkness. The vehicle was searched on suspicion of having illegal liquor. Punjab made liquor was found in the carton inside. The cost of liquor has been estimated at Rs 50 lakh.

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Smugglers were trying to take them to Gujarat

There were a total of 575 cartons of liquor on the mini truck. He told that closed body containers and mini trucks are being used for liquor smuggling. There was a preparation to take the seized liquor from Rajasthan to Gujarat. The police did not allow the plans of the smugglers to succeed. The smugglers had stuffed the liquor like junk in plastic bags so that no one would be suspicious even after opening it. He said that the police have started investigation by registering the case.

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