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rajasthan government is recommending home made remedies for lumpy virus affected cows

rajasthan government is recommending home made remedies for lumpy virus affected cows
rajasthan government is recommending home made remedies for lumpy virus affected cows
Jaipur : Lumpy virus has spread in 22 districts of Rajasthan. This rapidly spreading infection in the cow has increased the concern of the government. Since the drug for the prevention of this disease has not yet been launched and the vaccine has not been made. Work is being done with goat pox vaccine applied to goats. Meanwhile, the state government is emphasizing on traditional methods to increase the immunity of animals. For this, a campaign is being run in the entire state that how the animals, especially the bovine, can be saved from the grip of this virus.
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The state government has issued these instructions for the cattle owners.
1- For one dose, laddus should be prepared by mixing a handful of basil leaves, 5-5 grams of lentil sugar and dry ginger powder, 10 pieces of black pepper and jaggery as needed. These laddoos should be fed to the animals in the morning.

2- Prepare the dosage by grinding betel leaves, black pepper, 10-10 pieces of lumpy salt and adding jaggery as per requirement. Give this dose to the infected animal four times a day with an interval of three hours.

One handful each of neem and basil leaves, garlic bud, clove, black pepper 10-10 nos., betel leaves 5 nos., small onion two nos., coriander leaves and cumin seeds 15-15 grams and turmeric powder 10 grams quantity Prepare a dosage by grinding it well and mixing it with jaggery. Make laddus of this dosage. Later, feed one laddu to the infected animal thrice in the morning, afternoon and night.

Prepare a water solution by mixing a paste of a handful of neem leaves and a maximum of 100 grams of alum in 25 liters of water. Bathe infected animals with this water containing alum solution. After 10 minutes take a bath with plain water.

Special attention should be given to cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection. In the enclosure where the animal is, burn the filtrate of cow dung and put Guggal, neem leaves, camphor and frankincense in it and smoke it in the morning and evening. This will reduce the infestation of flies and mosquitoes.
Report – Ramswaroop Lamoror

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