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Pinarayi Vijayan, who nailed the governor on Stalin’s route..

While the Tamil Nadu government has passed a bill to appoint university vice-chancellors from now on, the Kerala government has also passed a similar bill there.

While Chief Minister Stalin has taken this step to curb the actions of the Governor, the Kerala Chief Minister has also taken a similar step to teach the Governor a lesson. Many people are criticizing this saying that Kerala is sticking to the route laid by Stalin

Ever since the BJP came to power at the centre, the BJP has been putting pressure on non-BJP Chief Ministers through governors. As a result, in some states the state chiefs are unable to administer the government, and in some states they share the power hand in hand with the governors.

Like Tamil Nadu, Kerala has passed a bill to appoint vice-chancellors by the state government

But the actions of the governor in non-aligned states are causing various crises to the state government. Governors are involved in misdemeanors like delaying the decisions of the state government and putting the files of the state government on hold. RN Ravi, who has taken over as the Governor of Tamil Nadu in this series, has been openly putting pressure on the Tamil Nadu government in various ways, delaying even the resolutions passed by the state government in the Legislative Assembly without sending them to the President.

More often than not, he has openly talked about politics on the platforms in order to promote Hindu ideologies. Whenever he gets a chance, he talks about Hindutva, spirituality and politics, and this unorthodox act by Alan is irritating the DMK and its allies. But the governor, who does not care about anything, is working parallel to the BJP in an effort to somehow establish the BJP in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the governor arbitrarily held a conference of university vice-chancellors to directly challenge the state government.

Like Tamil Nadu, Kerala has passed a bill to appoint vice-chancellors by the state government

This caused great displeasure to the state government, not liking this arbitrary action of the governor, the state government convened the assembly and passed a bill that the chief minister would no longer appoint university vice-chancellors and henceforth the chief minister would be the university chancellor. The Governor has been removed from the charge of Chancellor. The Bill has now been sent to the Governor, but so far the Governor has been delaying sending it to the President.

Following this, a meeting of Vice Chancellors was held under the leadership of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister a few days ago, and Stalin ordered the Vice Chancellors to act as per the orders of the State Government and not to take any action without considering the Governor’s orders to the State Government.

In the same way, the governors’ bad behavior is also from Kerala, like RN Ravi, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan is involved in activities against the state government, he is making comments criticizing the history of the state, and criticizing the late communist leaders, in this case, like the Tamil Nadu government, the vice chancellors of the universities are the state. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also taken up the weapon of appointment by the government.

Like Tamil Nadu, Kerala has passed a bill to appoint vice-chancellors by the state government

In order to teach a lesson to Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s actions, the Kerala government has also passed a bill to appoint the vice-chancellors of state universities from now on. Through this, the state government can appoint chancellors without the permission of the governor, similarly the state chief minister will act as the university chancellor, the assembly has passed a resolution.

The point to be noted here is that the Congress, AIADMK and other parties welcomed the bill brought by the DMK government, but it is noteworthy that the Congress has protested strongly against the bill brought by the Communist government in Kerala.

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