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Paytm: Paytm Rs. 100 sent.. unknowingly Rs. The thug who revealed the loot of 4 crores!

Paytm: Paytm Rs. 100 sent.. unknowingly Rs. The thug who revealed the loot of 4 crores!
Paytm: Paytm Rs. 100 sent.. unknowingly Rs. The thug who revealed the loot of 4 crores!

New Delhi: No matter how carefully you cover up your mistakes, they still come out. They keep coming to light in one form or another, whether it is because of a slip of the tongue, a difference in behavior or by someone else. There is no such thing. A recent heist of Rs 4 crore was Rs. 100 with a Paytm transaction. It may be surprising to hear but it is true.

If we go into the full details regarding this incident, four persons posing as policemen along with their accomplice robbed two courier company executives in the Paharganj area of ​​Central Delhi in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The accused who hit them in the eyes with Rs. They ran away after looting the bags containing gold jewelery worth 4 crores. Police said that the incident took place around 4-5 am.

The victims work in a courier company that delivers valuable items like gold jewelry and artefacts. Around 4.30 am on Wednesday, both the victims came out of the office with consignments to be sent to Chandigarh and Ludhiana. While they were walking to their vehicles, the four accused intercepted them and robbed them of their goods and fled.

On the complaint of the victims, the police searched the CCTV cameras installed outside the courier company. It was found that they had conducted rekki for 15 days before the robbery. A video was recorded of one of the accused standing outside at a tea stall drinking tea. A few moments later a private cab driver stopped. After some discussion between the two, he asked him for Rs. 100 was taken. Police found that the accused was using a mobile phone while talking to the cab driver. The police questioned the owner of the tea stall. He said that he had tea at his place, but as he did not have cash, he stopped the cab driver and sent him one hundred rupees digitally, so the cab driver paid him Rs. 100 and then he paid his tea money, explained the owner of the tea stall.

With the information given by him, the police collected the details of the cab driver. When he was interrogated, the accused gave him Rs. He explained that he did 100 Paytm. With this, the police immediately went to the Paytm headquarters and told the details of the transaction and collected the accused’s phone number. Through that he was identified as a native of Najafgarh. Immediately a police team was sent to Najafgarh by the higher authorities. However, before the police could reach the spot, the accused escaped along with the other accused. The police conducted technical surveillance on them and collected the phone numbers of the other accused. They were tracked based on them. Eventually, the police caught the accused hiding in a flat in Jaipur, handcuffed them and sent them behind bars.

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