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We hit the key network in the drug case: Hyderabad CP CV Anand


First Published Sep 1, 2022, 12:36 PM IST

Hyderabad: Hyderabad CV Anand said that a big network has been hit in the drugs case. From the accused Rs. Drugs worth 9 lakhs have been seized. CP said that one important drug peddler has to be arrested. Two interstate peddlers have been arrested.

Hyderabad CP CV Anand explained the information related to drug seizure and arrest of drug peddlers in Hyderabad. Hyderabad CP CV Anand spoke to the media at his office on Thursday. CV Anand explained that three interstate gangs are using the dark net to supply drugs. CV Anand said that they found that drugs were being supplied through crypto currency transactions. The CP said Narender Narayan was the mastermind of the drug gang. Narayan is settled in Goa. But CV Anand said that Haryana is his own state. They have found that Narayan has been supplying drugs through the dark website for a year. CV Anand said that their investigation has revealed that 450 customers across the country are buying drugs from Narayan. Five of the 450 customers who buy drugs from Narayan are from Telangana.

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Drug peddlers hire sub-agents and sell drugs in major cities. CP said that six people are working as agents in drug supply in Hyderabad. Uman alias Ashu, Abdullah Khan and Sharma are working as agents. He said that these three are also class mates.. Along with them, Indra Kumar, Sandeep and Charan Kumar are working as drug peddlers. Hyderabad CP CV Anand said that 30 more people were also found to be taking drugs through them.

Among the 600 drug users in Telangana, most of them are students and software employees. He said that the details of the students who are using drugs are not announced. CP said that they are keeping those students confidential. CP said that drugs are being brought home through couriers. CP suggested that parents should open the courier covers that come home.

On the other hand, the CP said that surveillance has been set up against those who make inappropriate comments on social media. PD Act has already been implemented against both of them. The CP said that the special department will continue to monitor the provocative posts on social media. The CP explained that a special team has been formed with the police of five divisions. CP said that cases have been registered against 13 people regarding inappropriate posts on social media.

Last Updated Sep 1, 2022, 1:08 PM IST

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