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Vijayashanti Questioned Kcr: Can’t those promises be written on water?

Vijayashanti Questioned Kcr: Can’t those promises be written on water?
Vijayashanti Questioned Kcr: Can’t those promises be written on water?

Hyderabad: BJP leader Vijayashanti questioned whether the government is not focusing seriously on the alternative even though the problem of unemployment is getting worse in Telangana. She lamented that even though years have passed by saying that loans will be given under various corporations along with unemployment benefits, the promises have not been fulfilled. Vijayashanthi commented that lakhs of people who have applied for subsidy loans in corporations are running around.. Although the government says that they are giving Dalit Bandhu, even one percent of the SCs are not able to implement the scheme. Criticisms are pouring in that the government has left them aside while creating a separate state for water, funds and appointments. He said that the TRS government is still not paying serious attention to the problem of unemployment despite coming to power twice. According to the TSPSC calculations, there are more than 20 lakh unemployed people in the state… but it is clear that this number is more than that if you look at the people who come to Damodaram Sanjeevayya Welfare Bhavan every day. He expressed his grief that the words of the leaders that they will provide employment opportunities and solve the problem of unemployment… they will see that they stand on their feet… have been written on water.

“During the previous governments, SC, ST and BC youths were given subsidized loans by the respective corporations. But even after 8 years of formation of separate Telangana state, no one has received any loans and even 3 acres of land has been attached to the SCs. Recently, there has been a lot of criticism for giving 10 lakh Dalit Bandhu to Dalits. How can we give only 100 SCs in each constituency? They are asking. Beneficiaries are expressing their grief that they have applied for the loan but have not received it yet. People are ready to oust this government, which is deceiving Dalits and all communities by making promises after promises.” Vijayashanti said.

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