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Honeytrap; All youths who targeted the ‘Phoenix couple’ will interrogate the accused together

First Published Sep 1, 2022, 4:10 PM IST

Palakkad: The police are intensifying the investigation in the case of a businessman being entangled in a honey trap with the help of a young woman which went viral on social media. Two more people were arrested in Palakkad honeytrap case last day. The investigation team is preparing to interrogate them together with ‘Phoenix Kapili’, who was arrested earlier, and other accused. A businessman from Iringalakuda, Palakkad, was honey-trapped by the gang.

Palakkad South Police arrested Indrajith (20) and Roshit (20), natives of Thrissur Chalakudy. With this, the number of people arrested in the case has increased to eight. Earlier, the police arrested six people including the viral couple. Devu (24), a native of Kollam and a resident of Ernakulam Kakkanath, her husband Gokuldeep (29), a native of Kannur, Sarath (24), a native of Kottayam Pala, Ajith (20), Vinay (24), and Jishnu (20), natives of Thrissur Iringalakuda, were arrested on Tuesday. The police indicate that there are more accused in the case.

The police have now expanded their investigation in search of those who helped the couple and the group to prepare the honey trap. The police are also checking the social media accounts of the accused in detail. The Dev-Gokul couple has more than half a million Instagram followers. The arrest was followed by a barrage of abusive comments below the reels. It contains allegations about them. All this is being checked by the police. The police are also looking to see if more complaints will be received.

The police are monitoring all the lifestyles of the viral couple who set up a honey trap to earn money for their extravagant life. The police found that the honeytrap was prepared to encourage rich people to continue their extravagant life.
According to the police, it took only two weeks to bring down the Iringalakuda businessman. The defendants were confident that many people would not complain if they were caught in the honeytrap. The age of all those trapped by them is below 25. Suspects will only contact the victim through social media until they gain their trust. Their method was to go to any lengths to establish faith.

It was said that the girl’s home is Palakkad. That is why he even rented a house in Yakara for 11 months at a monthly rent of thirty thousand rupees. The complainant escaped while moving the businessman to a flat in Kodungallur to extort more money. For this reason, the police is checking whether anyone else is involved in the gang. Whether anyone else has fallen into the same trap is also under investigation. Their bank account information is also being collected. There are about twelve cases against Sarath, a resident of Pala, including theft and house breaking.

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Last Updated Sep 1, 2022, 4:10 PM IST

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