Chattisgarh News: Officers will settle the work stalled in government offices due to strike in Bilaspur from Monday

Chattisgarh News: Officers will settle the work stalled in government offices due to strike in Bilaspur from Monday
Chattisgarh News: Officers will settle the work stalled in government offices due to strike in Bilaspur from Monday

Bilaspur, Online Desk. The strike of the Officer Employees Federation in Bilaspur is over. Due to the strike, the work in government offices was stalled for 13 consecutive days. Due to which hundreds of works are pending in all the departments. It may be noted that after the end of the strike, Saturday and Sunday became a government holiday. Now work will start in all the offices on Monday. This will give some relief to the general public.

reason for strike

It is to be known that in the month of July also, in the five-day strike, the government had increased the dearness allowance by 6 percent, but the officers of the Federation were demanding to increase the dearness allowance by 12 percent. Accordingly, they went on an indefinite strike from August 22 to demand the payment of house rent allowance.

Offices remained closed for 13 days in 11 days strike

It is to be informed that due to the strike for 11 days of the Federation and two days off on Saturday and Sunday, the work in the government offices came to a standstill for 13 days. In such a situation, people had to wander for government work. In many government offices, there was complete lock down. Now after being closed for 13 days, the lockdown in government offices will end and work will start from Monday. This will give relief to the people.

land registry also stalled

The Officer-Employee Federation organized an indefinite agitation from August 22 across the state. It is known that the lock remained hanging in the DEO office, school, college, secretary office, Patwari office. There was a lockout in the sub-registrar offices, due to which the land registry came to a standstill. Now on Monday, work will start again in government offices. The people were facing a lot of trouble due to the closure of the work in the government offices due to the going on strike.

At the same time, Tehsil Office, District Collectorate, Treasury Office, Health, Agriculture, Public Works, PAHE, Tribal, Irrigation, District Panchayat, Agricultural College, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Tehsil, RES operated on the basis of contract employees. Due to non-availability of staff in Zilla Panchayat, District Hospital, no work could be done.

In the collectorate office, only the collectors kept taking public darshan.

It should be known that people from all over the district were reaching the collector with their own problems. The collector was only giving assurance after hearing the complaints of the general public. In the Collectorate office, only the Collector kept taking public darshan, the rest of the other offices remained closed. All the applications received in Jan Darshan will be sent to the concerned departments on Monday. Also, instructions will be given for speedy resolution of the problem. So that the general public can get relief.

All offices will open from Monday

According to the information, during the strike, there were two to three meetings between the federation and the state government. But there was no agreement. After this, on 2 September, the Agriculture Minister again discussed with the Federation. This time, assurance was received from the government to increase the allowance by three percent. After that the movement ended.

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