uk parents name their baby after pakora indian dish netizens funny reactions | Baby Name: White parents named their baby ‘Pakora’, netizens gave such reactions

Unique Child Names: Everyone wants their child’s name to be the most unique. Parents take a lot of time to name the child and then choose one of the many names for their child. Sometimes relatives also suggest the name of the child. In Indian culture, Naming Ceremony is also done to name the child. While some people name their child after God’s name, many people name their child after famous celebrity. Meanwhile, news has come that parents in Britain have named their child after an Indian dish. He has named his child Pakora.

Parents named the child ‘Pakora’

Let the British parents like the Indian dish Pakora so much that they named their child Pakora. On social media, the photo of his child and the bill for buying pakora by him is going viral together. Users are also giving funny reactions on this.

fast viral photo

Know that the tweet about naming the child Pakora is becoming increasingly viral on social media. So far more than 26 thousand people have liked this tweet. At the same time, more than 1500 people have retweeted it.

Netizens gave funny reactions

Reacting to British parents naming their child Pakora, a user wrote, ‘And her grandmother’s name is Naan’.

At the same time, another user wrote that I will name my next child as Large Donner & Chips.

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