Not overpaid; INTUC’s crackdown on factory workers

Adimali: In Idukki, Adimali workers were beaten up for not paying excessive wages. INTUC is for the workers of Joy Enterprises. The laborers in the union were beaten up. The incident happened last Friday.

The dispute was over the unloading of glasses brought for the construction purposes of the institution. Workers belonging to the INTUC union had come to unload the glass. The complaint is that they demanded excessive wages. The workers demanded Rs 5,000 to unload five glasses. But the trader informed that this cannot be given and only Rs 1,500 can be given.

The porters refused to give in. Then when the workers returned, the trader used his own workers to unload the glasses. After dropping two glasses, the INTUC workers returned and beat up the non-national workers. There is also a complaint that they abused the women including the wife of the trader who tried to stop this.

The trader then lodged a complaint with the police. There were six people in the group. They were arrested and released on station bail. It is alleged that frivolous charges have been filed against them.

Content Highlights: Other state employees of business firms are beaten up by INTUC workers for not paying excessive wages

The article is in Malayalam


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