Beware of flattery India… its enemy is not us but poverty and backwardness, INS Vikrant shivered

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INS Vikrant China India


  • China irritated with INS Vikrant
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INS Vikrant China: The strength of the Indian Navy has increased manifold as it has got the indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. With this, India has joined the list of select countries which have indigenous capability to build such large warships. China is deeply irritated by this news. Seeing the progress of India, it is burning from within. This is the reason why the first Chinese state-run Global Times tried to mock INN Vikrant by comparing it to its third aircraft carrier Type 003 Fujian. Then later he changed his stance and advised India about the western countries.

Global Times has written in its editorial that India should avoid flattering Western countries. The article states that Western countries are projecting the Chinese Navy as one of the major targets of the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. They are provoking tensions between India and China. This will create opinion among the Indian people about China and will put pressure on the government to take decisions against Beijing.

Discussion of Western media reporting

Global Times has written that there has been a lot of praise from the western media for the deployment of India’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier on Friday. The CNN report claimed that the aircraft carrier has put India in an elite category of the world’s naval powers. The article about the news agency AFP has been written that it will be a milestone in the government’s efforts to counter China’s increasing military aggression in the region. She wrote that by projecting “China’s very large and growing fleet” as the main target of India’s first domestic aircraft carrier, they seek to provoke tensions and even confrontation between China and India.

Image Source : India TV

INS Vikrant China India

Celebration occasion for India

Global Times has further said that it is a moment of celebration for India due to the success of the indigenously built aircraft carrier. Let us tell you, the task of building INS Vikrant for India was not easy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the launch of indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is a historic day for the country and words cannot describe the pride he felt when he was on board the ship. Prime Minister Modi launched INS Vikrant on Friday. Sharing glimpses of this ceremony on Twitter, PM Modi said on Saturday, ‘Historic day for India. Words cannot describe the pride I felt when I was on board INS Vikrant yesterday.

Question asked on the intention of western countries

The Global Times has asked whether the West is really happy about India? The Global Times has said that India should avoid converting this provocation of the West into a military incident against China. The Global Times quoted Lan Jianxue, director of the Asia Pacific Studies Department at the China Institute of International Studies, as saying that China has never considered India a threat, nor has China seen India as an imaginary rival and target. China is developing its own aircraft carrier and navy. He said that India’s biggest enemy is its own poverty, backwardness and inadequate development, as accepted by some Indian scholars.

INS Vikrant China India

Image Source : India TV

INS Vikrant China India

Why was the warship named Vikrant?

Along with Vikrant, India will have two aircraft carriers in service, which will strengthen the country’s maritime security. Designed by the Warship Design Bureau (WDB), an organization of the Indian Navy, and built by Cochin Shipyard Limited, a public sector shipyard under the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, the indigenous aircraft carrier is named after its illustrious predecessor ‘Vikrant’ of India’s first aircraft carrier. Who played an important role in the 1971 war. Vikrant means victorious and brave. The foundation of the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) was laid by formal steel cutting in April 2005. A special type of steel is needed to make an aircraft carrier, which is called Warship Grade Steel (WGS).

What facilities are present inside the ship?

Lt Commander Vanjariya Harsha, aerospace medicine specialist of the indigenous aircraft carrier, said that medicines and surgery equipment will always be available on it for three months. The ship will have three kitchens, which will cater to the food needs of 1,600 crew members. The ship has been designed by the Navy’s Warship Design Bureau and built by the public sector shipyard Cochin Shipyard Limited. The vessel is 262 meters long and 62 meters wide and has a maximum speed of 28 knots. Vikrant has about 2,200 compartments, which are for about 1,600 crew members, including women officers and sailors. Vikrant has successfully completed several phases of sea trials since August 21 last year.

According to the statement, the ship has the capacity to house 30 aircraft including fighter aircraft MiG-29K, Kamov-31, MH-60R multi-role helicopters as well as indigenously built Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) and Light Combat Aircraft (LAC).

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