Will Reliance be available? Have you just started in Coimbatore? Bagheer Club and Milk Agents Association! | Milk Agents Association accuses that handing over aavin milk to Reliance is being done silently


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Updated: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 11:55 [IST]

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CHENNAI: There is a huge suspicion that the process of handing over the Aavin company to Reliance company is being done silently, the president of Milk Agents Association Su. A. Ponnusamy has accused.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, “The information coming in that Tamil Government’s public sector cooperative Aavin is going to give the right to distribute milk to Reliance is shocking.

Looking at the fact that the ongoing production and distribution problems in Aavin have not been resolved, is Reliance planning to give up Aavin? The doubt arises.’

Sale of dairy products in plastic is allowed - Tamil Nadu government reportSale of dairy products in plastic is allowed – Tamil Nadu government report



Is the tar being cast for Reliance..? Additional reasons for doubting During the 2006-2011 DMK regime, Reliance Company manufactured milk packets under the name Dairy Life and sold them through Aavin’s wholesale distributors in Chennai. Due to the low production of milk during that period, the supply of milk remained in short supply.

A's milk

A’s milk

Using this, Aavin’s wholesale distributors forced the milk agents to sell Aavin’s milk only if they buy Reliance Dairy Life milk. Even now, 75% of Aavin ghee production is supplied to Reliance, so the milk agents and Aavin stalls do not have access to Aavin ghee.



In this situation, General Manager Ramanathan’s statement that the work of handing over milk supply to Reliance Company in Coimbatore has been completed by 90% raises additional doubts. Yesterday morning milk was not distributed in many areas including Ranipet, Walaja, Ambur, Arcot till 10 am. We continue to bring all these matters to the attention of the Dairy Minister and the management on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Milk Agents Workers Union.

Great struggle

Great struggle

We are giving this information to the government through media and social media. But neither the Tamil Nadu government nor Avin Balagam has taken any action to solve this problem. Looking at all this, we have a huge suspicion that they are quietly doing the process of handing over Avin’s company to Reliance. If such an action is taken, the Milk Agents Association will launch a huge protest across Tamil Nadu,” he said.

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English summary

SA Ponnusamy, president of the Milk Agents Association, has accused that there is a huge suspicion that the operation of handing over the company to Reliance is being done silently.

The article is in Tamil


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