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Bangladesh: India can solve our problem: Bangladesh PM

Bangladesh: India can solve our problem: Bangladesh PM
Bangladesh: India can solve our problem: Bangladesh PM

Internet Desk: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that millions of Rohingya refugees have become a problem for their country. She made these comments in an interview given to an English news agency on Saturday. He said that India can solve their problem. He said that there are lakhs of refugees and internal challenges are arising in the country. He said that India helped a lot during the Covid and Russia-Ukraine war.

“We know it’s a burden. India is a big country. Some refugees may be given asylum. But nothing much was done. There are 1.1 million Rohingyas in our country. That is why we are negotiating with the international community and neighboring countries to take steps to enable them to go back to their homes. We gave them shelter in a humanitarian sense. All Rohingyas were vaccinated during covid. But, how old are they? That is why we kept them in the camp. Environmental problems are arising there. Some are involved in illegal transportation of drugs and women. The sooner they go home the better for us and Myanmar. In this order, we are discussing with Asian, UNO and other countries about sending them to their native places. But, India is a neighboring country. They can play a vital role in this. That’s what I think,” said Sheikh Hasina.

Hasina also spoke about India-Bangladesh coordination in the Teesta river water transfer. He said that the problems arising in the Teesta river should be resolved. The Prime Minister of India also stated that he is very positive about this. He said that during the Russia-Ukraine war, many of his students were sent to their native places in India. He recalled that the vaccine helped in the form of alliance during covid. Hasina will be on an official visit to India for four days from Monday.

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