We are a family that fought for the people

We are a family that fought for the people
We are a family that fought for the people

Are there no fighters in the current central government?

Today, Hyderabad: Terasa executive president and minister KTR said on Twitter on Saturday that the history of fighting for the people belongs to his family. Stating that ‘grandfather (mother Shobha’s father) J. Kesha Rao is an inspirational and exemplary person in our family’, he tweeted a photo of himself, Kavitha and Santhosh with him in their childhood. He said that Kesha Rao had fought against the Nizam in late 1940. The Center recognized him as a freedom fighter. KTR asked how many of the leaders currently in power at the center were involved in the freedom movement. They are criticized for trying to claim unrelated things as theirs.

‘Thanks to Telangana’ banners should be put up at ration shops in BJP-ruled states.

KTR said on Twitter that every rupee spent by the Center is the state’s share. He said that if Telangana rupees are given to the Centre, only 46 paise is returned to the state. He advised the Union Finance Minister to put up banners saying ‘Thanks to Telangana’ (Thanks to Telangana) at the ration shops in BJP-ruled states if there is real faith.

* In another tweet, KTR stated that Telangana has achieved three times the growth of Gujarat during the time BJP was in power. A doctor from Gujarat made this comment in response to a question.

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