Nitish Kumar Attacked BJP, The Decision Of The People Of The Country Will Come In 2024, Then You Will Know

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reacts to JDU MLAs switching to BJP in Manipur.

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  • If the opposition is united, then a good decision will come in the 2024 elections.
  • Manipur MLAs were expressing happiness on parting ways with NDA
  • When we were together in the Alliance (NDA) did not take anyone


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attacked the BJP after five MLAs of Janata Dal United (JDU) of Manipur quit the party. He said, “One thing is being proved that what kind of work people are doing. Is it a constitutional thing to bring in and draw people from other parties to their side, the people who are doing this work? Is this the right thing to do? Therefore, if all the people of the opposition are united, then the decision of the people of the country will be very good in the elections of 2024. Then these people will come to know.” Nitish Kumar said on Saturday that the BJP “could be reduced to 50 seats in the 2024 elections if all the opposition parties come together and contest. I am working

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Nitish Kumar said that, “Now that we have decided that we will separate from the NDA, then there was talk with the people of the party in all the states. Six MLAs from Manipur had come here after 10th and were expressing happiness. They were with us, had come to meet. But now imagine what is happening? How are they (BJP) taking the winning people of any party on their side?”

Nitish Kumar said, “When we were together in the Alliance (NDA), then someone was made, in our place? Never… and later have to take everyone with you. What is this nature? What kind of work? Has something like this been going on before? This kind of work is being done in a new way. What is in it, everyone (JDU MLA from Manipur) had come a few days back. The day before yesterday about the news today, that we people are coming. Let it go, what difference does one do?

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