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Jagan showing sympathy to Babu!

Today, Jyoti is writing that Chandrababu’s graph has increased and Jagan’s has decreased. This is also true. I don’t know what Prashant Kishore will analyze, but if you ask any common man who reads the paper for free at T Angat, he will tell you this. The main reason for people’s anger is the lack of attention to infrastructure (roads).

In addition to this there is a circle of apps. What is the use of an app for doctors in hospitals? Medicines should be! Garbage Disposal Correct? Or? That app. Why are there ward members and councilors in that area? Too busy to know if their street is clean? In addition to this, the YCP leaders and workers are very busy. The damage to YCP due to demolitions is more than the mileage to Telugu Desha due to these canteens. Abolition of canteens is a historical mistake.

No one learns from history. She came back to power in 1980 by harassing Indira Gandhi who was badly defeated in the name of Shah Commission. People’s sympathy increases when they are persecuted. Happened to Jagan in the past. Now Chandrababu is getting sympathy from Jagan.

If Babu had been left in the democratic system, he would have finished himself with the bad name of doing politics. By providing oxygen to the dead TDP, YCP is alive and preparing for war against itself.

The Telugu country is just building airs that it will win against Jagan this time. Babu is holding party meetings in the name of cleansing. Meanwhile Anantapur TDP meeting was held. Prabhakar Chowdhary, Keshav, Hanumantharaya Chowdhary, Paritala Sriram, Parthasarathy, Kalva Srinivasulu, Kandikunta Prasad, Raghunatha Reddy are some of the leaders. People have seen the rule of all of them in the past! What do you expect from them? All are the same old faces, those who have benefited from the party and have risen to the top. He is going to the elections with them. People should vote for them expecting what development and what new thing? Babu can see me and say don’t vote. What happened when you voted in the past? You have wasted five years in the name of Amaravati.

Although there is opposition to Jagan, he is raising money by pressing some button. Apposappo is doing it (we have to settle all that again. Jagan will not settle). If Chandrababu wins, he will press the button. But the money goes into the pockets of Telugu Desam leaders. Jyoti winning Chandrababu may be a historical necessity for today. But what do people need?

Why I named Reddy…

I will not change after seeing Jagan

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