It’s only 5 minutes after the thali.. if you look closely at the groom? A bride for Shaka! Broken bond! | A bride who does not want a groom in 5 minutes after marriage in Tirupur


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Published: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 10:43 [IST]

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Tirupur: The incident in Tirupur district where the bride refused to marry the bridegroom who had tied the thali within minutes of the marriage and the couple separated immediately has caused a great shock in Tirupur district.

We have seen many marriages that end before marriage. If there is any reason, the marriages that went during the negotiations have stopped.

There are also incidents around us where the husband or wife have a difference of opinion after the marriage and end the married life in the presence of the parents or in the presence of the court.

Don't get married! 2K kit from Jude at the last minute! Don't stop running.. The bride chased!Don’t get married! 2K kit from Jude at the last minute! Don’t stop running.. The bride chased!

Shock in Tirupur

Shock in Tirupur

But this incident in Tirupur is completely different. The reason is that both the couples have announced that they will split the five minutes after tying the thali, which is currently causing heated debates on social media. Parents arranged a marriage between a 32-year-old youth and a 25-year-old woman in PN Road area of ​​Tirupur district. Preparations for the wedding were going on in full swing for about two months.



Newspapers were printed and given to all the relatives and parents invited them to the wedding. Yesterday morning all the relatives had come as the preparations for the wedding were 100% complete. After performing pujas in the temple as per the usual rituals, both the bride and bridegroom exchanged garlands and tied thali and got married. Later, a wedding reception was organized at a private wedding hall in Buluwa Patti, Tirupur.

the sense of smell

the sense of smell

While relatives from both sides were present, the bride saw the groom’s leg. Seeing that one of the two legs was slightly bent, he asked the groom about it. He said that the leg was like that because he had undergone surgery due to an accident. Shocked by this, the bride asked why you did not tell her this earlier and said that you have deceived her and said that I am not interested in this marriage.

Great excitement

Great excitement

As a result, there was a great commotion there, all the relatives tried to make peace. But the matter went to Kongu Nagar All Women Police Station. The police held talks with the bride and groom and relatives from both sides. Manama and her parents accused her of getting married by hiding her leg surgery and the bride insisted that she didn’t want to get married because the groom wouldn’t go to work. After this both agreed to separate from the marriage bond. A few minutes after the wedding, the groom said no to the bride at Manamedai, which has created a stir in Tirupur.

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English summary

A few minutes after the wedding in Tirupur, when the bride refused to marry the groom who had tied the thali, the couple immediately separated, causing a great shock in Tirupur district.

Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 10:43 [IST]

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