In Nityananda Kailasam, he was the only one who suffered

In Nityananda Kailasam, he was the only one who suffered
In Nityananda Kailasam, he was the only one who suffered

Nityananda Swami, who had run away from the country and established the Kailasa country himself, was in critical condition. Nithyananda wrote a letter to Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe asking for medical treatment. This letter, dated August 7, was written on behalf of Nityananda by Nityaprematma Ananda Swamy, the foreign minister of Sri Kailasa. In addition to this, the Minister of Kailasa State stated in that letter that they will bear the cost of the medical treatment provided to Nithyananda. The letter said that Nithyananda will be taken to Colombo in an air ambulance, after which medical equipment will be given to you and after that we will leave Sri Lanka again.

The letter has written that there is a lack of medical facilities in the country of Kailasa… Doctors have not yet identified the reasons behind Nityananda’s illness. In a letter written to Ranil Wickramasinghe, he requested that his health is critical…that urgent treatment should be provided…His followers are not only seeking political asylum but also medical assistance in Sri Lanka. In addition to these, the letter requested that Sri Lanka open diplomatic relations with the country of Kailasa. The letter also stated that Nithyananda would invest in Sri Lanka if they were granted political asylum.

At that time, the Gujarat police registered a case against Nityananda for kidnapping two of his disciples. As a result, he fled the country in November 2018. Apart from the allegations of collecting donations by imprisoning small children, he also faces rape charges in Karnataka. 2010 Nithyananda’s former driver Lenin filed a rape charge against him. Because of all this he fled the country.

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