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Vijayawada municipal officials seized 500 kgs of rotten meat in local meat shops

Vijayawada municipal officials seized 500 kgs of rotten meat in local meat shops
Vijayawada municipal officials seized 500 kgs of rotten meat in local meat shops

500Kg Rotten Meat in Vijayawada Meat Shops: There is a situation where people are afraid to buy meat from meat shops in Vijayawada. No matter how many times the authorities make raids, there is no change in the behavior of some traders. In recent raids conducted by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation officials, nearly 500 kg of rotten meat was recovered.

Municipal officials raided meat shops in Vijayawada from the early hours of Sunday (September 4). Meat shops in Prakash Nagar, Machavaram, Kothapeta and BRTS markets were inspected. On this occasion, 500 kg of rotten meat was identified and seized. Officials say that this rotten meat is brought from Odisha from the north and sold here.

People should be cautious while buying meat from meat shops. They want to see if the shop and meat are clean. Officials said that 2.3 tonnes of meat reached Vijayawada in train wagons in the past as well. Now it has been found that rotten meat is being transported to Vijayawada markets by road.

In some shops, the authorities found the meat infested with worms and emitting a very bad smell. Rotten meat was found to be mixed with good meat or sold at a lower price. They are saying that strict action will be taken against the owners of that shop..if necessary they will also cancel the licenses. It is suggested to refrain from such activities which mess with people’s health. On the other hand, it is known that the authorities have seized about 100 kg of rotten meat from meat shops in Vijayawada last Sunday as well.

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