Jan Aushadhi Kendras will start again in GMSH 16 and GMCH 32

Jan Aushadhi Kendras will start again in GMSH 16 and GMCH 32
Jan Aushadhi Kendras will start again in GMSH 16 and GMCH 32

Jagran Correspondent Chandigarh. Two Jan Aushadhi Kendras will soon start in Chandigarh. These Jan Aushadhi Kendras are going to be started in big government hospitals of the city. Explain that these Jan Aushadhi Kendras will start in Government Medical College and Hospital Sector-32 (GMCH-32) and Government Multi Specialty Hospital Sector-16 (GMCH-16).

The Jan Aushadhi Kendras in both these hospitals have been closed since the Corona epidemic. After about 3 years, this Jan Aushadhi Kendra is going to start again. So far, Jan Aushadhi Kendra is being operated across the city only at PGI Chandigarh, where medicines are being provided to the people at huge discounts.

Two Jan Aushadhi Kendras are closed in GMCH-32 and GMSH-16, they were earlier being run by Red Cross Society, for which rent of Rs 2 lakh was also charged every month by Red Cross Society. Due to high rent, no firm or company came forward to operate these Jan Aushadhi Kendras for the last 3 years.

Health Secretary Yashpal Garg said that soon any institution or company will be allotted to run Jan Aushadhi Kendras in these two big hospitals. He said that a firm bid has been filed for Jan Aushadhi Kendra of GMCH-32 which has bid a monthly rent of Rs.54,999 against the reserve price of Rs.52,165. In such a situation, now this firm will be allotted to operate this Jan Aushadhi Kendra. At the same time, Jan Aushadhi Kendra of GMSH-16 will also be allotted to any institution, so that cheap medicines can be made available to the patients of poor section coming here.

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