Animal Cruelty: Dog hanged in Rajasthan, photo went viral on social media, FIR registered


The matter is of Rajnagar police station area of ​​Rajsamand
The accused youth were killed by the villagers

Alkesh Sanadhya.

Rajsamand. Another shocking case of animal cruelty has come to light in Rajasthan. In Rajsamand district of the state, a person hanged Doggy due to which he died. After the matter came to light, Animal Lovers has lodged an FIR against the accused person under the Animal Cruelty Act at Rajnagar police station. The police is involved in the investigation of the whole matter. Earlier in Rajasthan, a case of cutting a dog alive with an ax had come to the fore.

Animal lover’s Rajkumar Jatiya told that he had received information through social media that a person had hanged a pet dog by tying a rope to a tree in Farara village of Rajnagar police station area. Doggy died from it. After his photo went viral in the Animal Lovers group, he gathered information about it and reached the spot. When he gathered information about this, it came to the fore that the name of the young man who hanged the dog had come to the fore.

The young man said that the villagers killed him and hanged him
The accused youth says that his dog had gone mad. Because of this, the people of the village killed him and hanged him. Officials of Animal Lovers say that their investigation has revealed that Doggy had not gone mad. He was of friendly nature. He was killed intentionally. In such a situation, a case has been registered under Animal Cruelty Act at the Animal Lovers Rajnagar police station.

Many cases have been reported in Rajasthan in the past as well.
It is noteworthy that this is not the first case of animal cruelty in Rajasthan. Even before this, cases of animal cruelty have been reported from different areas of Rajasthan. At some point of time, the video of the dog being cut alive became fiercely viral on social media. Users gave strong reactions on it. Even before that, cases of atrocities on animals come to the fore. Many organizations are working in the state for the protection of deaf animals, yet the cases of animal cruelty are not being named. In Rajasthan, in the past, many cases of cows being stuffed in vehicles have also been registered in the past.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 04, 2022, 13:03 IST

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Tags: Animal Cruelty Dog hanged Rajasthan photo viral social media FIR registered

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