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“Same pubs, same size..but the price has gone up due to GST” Su. Ve surprised by the student’s question | Madurai Fatima College Student Questions about Puff price hike to MP Su.Venkatesan in Trending in social media


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Updated: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 12:32 [IST]

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Madurai: Member of Parliament S. Venkatesan’s reply to a question raised by a student of Fatima College about the increase in the price of pubs due to GST taxation is attracting the attention of viewers on social media.

Instead of various indirect taxes levied by the central and state governments, GST was implemented as a single tax by the central government. Although several states initially opposed the tax, which was implemented in 2017, most parties supported it during a vote in parliament.

Following this, every time there was a change in the GST tax regime, the prices of essential commodities used by people increased. Various parties including Congress and DMK have been registering opposition to this. Why even today the Congress party is protesting in Delhi against the GST tax hike and price hike.

Total GST revenue in August was Rs 1,43,612 crore; Do you know the GST status in Tamil Nadu? Total GST revenue in August was Rs 1,43,612 crore; Do you know the GST status in Tamil Nadu?

Chief Minister on GST

Chief Minister on GST

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin said in the meeting of the South Zone Council held yesterday that the revenue of the state governments has decreased due to GST taxation. As a result, he requested to extend the GST compensation for another 2 years. To this extent GST taxation is being discussed among the people and among the state governments.

Teacher's Day programme

Teacher’s Day programme

In this situation, Member of Parliament S. Venkatesan participated in the Teacher’s Day celebration held at Madurai Fatima College and congratulated the teachers who had worked well in the college with gifts. Following this, a discussion program was held with the teacher and students with S. Venkatesan.

Student's question

Student’s question

Then a college student wakes up and says GST, SGST, CGST in India and the prices keep going up. Even buying a utensil costs Rs.50 extra. Why so much, even a pub has gone up in price. Pubs, which used to sell at Rs 10, are now selling at Rs 15 due to GST. But the size of the pups did not increase much.

Due to this, the poor and middle class are affected more and more. Can this be changed? He questioned what should be done to bring about change.

Su Venkatesan was shocked

Su Venkatesan was shocked

Responding to this, Member of Parliament S. Venkatesan, I appreciate the student’s question. Because I asked the same question in the parliament as to why the price of rice has gone up in response to pubs. We also questioned why GST on food items.

Answer by Su Venkatesan

Answer by Su Venkatesan

The reply was that it was a decision taken by all state administrators in the GST Council. A wrong decision is wrong even if everyone takes it together. If all diners start questioning why the prices have been raised, Pubs said the prices will automatically come down. The student, who raised questions about economics from her own life experience, is receiving praise on social media.

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English summary

A question raised by a student of Fatima College regarding the increase in the price of puffs due to the imposition of GST has been attracting the attention of the audience on social media.

The article is in Tamil


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