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‘Thank you for saving our children during the Ukraine-Russia war’; Sheikh Hasina praises Modi government

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thanked India and the Narendra Modi government for rescuing students who were trapped in Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine war. She also praised India’s willingness to provide vaccines to neighboring countries at a time when Covid cases are on the rise. The Bangladesh Prime Minister’s response comes as he is scheduled to visit India on Monday.

“During the Russia-Ukraine war, our students who were unable to return home took refuge in Poland. From there our children were evacuated along with your children. Friendly behavior was seen there. Thanks to Prime Minister Modi’- Sheikh Hasina said.

They emphasize on closer cooperation between India and Bangladesh. There may be differences of opinion and they can be resolved through discussion. Sheikh Hasina said that India and Bangladesh have done it correctly in many phases.

Published by:Arun Krishna

First published:September 04, 2022, 14:36 ​​IST

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