West Bengal Trinamool Congress Will Improve Its Image In West Bengal Panchayat Elections May Refuse To Give Tickets To Corrupt Leaders

West Bengal: In an attempt to improve the image, the Trinamool Congress may refuse tickets to candidates with ‘tainted’ leaders, allegations of corruption or bad public image in the panchayat elections to be held in West Bengal next year. The Trinamool Congress has launched a massive “decontamination” campaign following the arrests of two senior leaders, former minister Partha Chatterjee and Birbhum district’s party president Anubrata Mondal, respectively, in an alleged teacher recruitment scam and cattle smuggling.

The party has conducted three internal surveys, including one conducted by I-PAC’s Prashant Kishor in the past months to assess the functioning and behavior of elected representatives and leaders of all levels. Senior Trinamool Congress leader Saugata Roy said, “Several surveys have been conducted and detailed reports are being submitted to the party leadership. The process of taking out the rotten parts is on.

Delegates can be denied ticket again: Saugata Roy

Saugata Roy further said, “The rectification process will be at its peak during ticket distribution for panchayat elections next year. Agreeing with Roy’s opinion, Trinamool’s West Bengal state vice-president Jai Prakash Majumdar said that the process of radical change started in August. It happened when party presidents of many districts were changed.

“Last month, a process of overhaul in the organization was started at all levels which will be completed by November of this year,” he said. When the media is busy with teacher recruitment scam and cattle smuggling, our party is going through a process of major transformation to change its image peacefully.

He said that changes are being made at all levels in all district units of the party, labor unit INTTUC and student wing Trinamool Chhatra Parishad. Majumdar said, “Changes are taking place at all levels in the organisation. We ourselves are transforming and transforming ourselves and we will do so.

New and changed Trinamool Congress will come in 6 months: Poster claims

Significantly, in August, posters were put up in various parts of Kolkata, claiming that a “new and transformed Trinamool Congress” would come in six months. These posters only had a picture of party general secretary Abhishek Banerjee. However, questions were raised about the lack of a picture of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the poster. But Abhishek Banerjee had dismissed all the speculations and said that “Mamata Banerjee is the only face of Trinamool Congress. The meaning of the new Trinamool Congress is that the party will stand with the people and work and fight for them, on the basis of which it came to power in 2011.

The opposition, however, has ridiculed the Trinamool’s attempt to rejuvenate it and termed it as “old wine in a new bottle”. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national vice president Dilip Ghosh said, “Trinamool Congress is corrupt from top to bottom. This attempt is to fool people.

West Bengal Pradesh Congress President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury alleged that the “new Trinamool Congress and image reforms” were aimed at strengthening Abhishek Banerjee’s hold on the party. “Since January this year, the internal struggle of the Trinamool Congress has become public. Now with the arrest of some senior leaders and the disengagement of others, the youth brigade wants to strengthen its hold on the party by removing old leaders from all levels of the organization.

Political analysts, however, are divided on the intention and impact of the attempt to change the image of the Trinamool Congress. Political analyst Maidul Islam said, “The image of the party has been dented by the allegations of corruption. Trinamool Congress wants to restore its image for next year’s panchayat elections and 2024 Lok Sabha elections. For the time being, be limited to diverting attention from allegations of corruption.

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