nitish kumar preparing to travel from patna to delhi, this national plan made in national executive

When Nitish Kumar had announced to break the alliance with the BJP, only then such speculations were being made that his eyes were on something more than the chair of the Chief Minister of Bihar. Nitish Kumar had also made an emotional appeal in the Bihar assembly elections, saying that this is his last election. The political war of Janata Dal United (JDU) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which started with the separation in the politics of Bihar, is now seen reaching Delhi.

JDU’s national executive meeting is going on in Bihar’s capital Patna and through this meeting, the party has given clear indications that Nitish Kumar will travel from Patna to Delhi. Nitish Kumar will be on a Delhi visit from 5 to 7 September. During this, the Chief Minister of Bihar will meet the leaders of the opposition and discuss about opposition unity before the 2024 general elections. Nitish’s party has given a slogan in the national executive to include BJP in 50 seats in 2024, it has also made a special strategy for this.

Known for the politics of gentleness, the attitude of Sushasan Babu has also changed. While Nitish Kumar is boasting about uprooting his alliance partner BJP from power till a few days back, he is not failing to say that democracy is in danger in the country. While Nitish Kumar has been avoiding questions of candidacy for the post of Prime Minister with a smile and folded hands with full humility, his party leaders and workers are not failing to raise the slogan that ‘Our Prime Minister should be like, Nitish Kumar’.

jdu poster

JDU has also put up such posters on the streets of Bihar, from which a message is becoming clear that the party does not want to leave any stone unturned in preparing the ground for Nitish Kumar’s candidature for the post of PM in the 2024 elections. Some important decisions have also been taken in the National Executive regarding this. JDU has prepared an aggressive strategy to do two hands with BJP in 2024.

JDU’s full focus on three things

The entire focus of JDU now seems to be on three things – social media, aggressive propaganda and expansion of the organization. Whatever the agenda of JDU’s two-day national executive may be to say, these three things are coming to the fore in conclusion. JDU saw Bihar, now the posters of Bharat Dekhega were already put up. In order to give a shape to the slogan written on these posters in Patna, the focus of the party is on other states outside Bihar to promote its policies and to count the flaws of the ruling party.

JDU has prepared an aggressive strategy for this also. JDU’s strategy is to expand the party in other states with an aggressive strategy. Party leaders have also discussed the status of a national party. In other states also, a strategy is being made to prepare the organization structure up to the booth level. To say, this is just an issue being linked to the national status of the party, but the real reason is to prepare the ground for Nitish Kumar’s candidature in the 2024 elections.

aggressive promotional strategy

Ever since Nitish Kumar broke ties with BJP, he has been saying one thing continuously. He even repeated the same thing in the National Executive of JDU. It is that we work, some people preach. The target was on the BJP and the central government. But perhaps Nitish’s party has also understood that national politics is not possible without campaigning. This is the reason why JDU has now prepared an aggressive campaign strategy.

Nitish’s party will not only put up posters for this, it will also use other methods of campaigning and will go to other states and count the shortcomings of the central government, the achievements of Nitish Kumar in Bihar. JDU’s claim of having an undeclared emergency-like situation in the country is also part of this strategy.

Nitish Kumar’s party, which is counted among the leaders with very little activity on social media, has announced a change in its strategy regarding social media as well. Perhaps JDU is believing that social media is a powerful medium to connect with the youth. Nitish Kumar has also called upon his party workers to be vigilant for the next two years. The indications are clear, within two years, the 2024 general elections are to be held. Nitish’s strategy is also now seen shifting from Bihar to the politics of the country.

Target to connect 50 lakh people

Concern had increased in the JDU camp by becoming the third party in the Bihar elections. The reason was being told that the party was gradually weakening. To overcome this drawback of the organization, the party has also prepared a special strategy. JDU has set a target of connecting 50 lakh people with the party. Nitish Kumar has also taken an aggressive attitude towards BJP.

JDU’s national executive, statements of party leaders and posters put up by JDU in Patna, all are indicating that JDU is now working on the national plan and Nitish Kumar is going to travel from Patna to Delhi. Have started in full preparation.

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