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Congress Halla bol Rally: ‘Now only Congress workers can save India’, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at BJP at Congress Halla Bol rally

Congress Halla bol Rally: Congress is holding a Halla Bol rally in Ramleela Maidan in Delhi today against the BJP government over rising inflation, unemployment and GST hike on necessities. According to the information, the party protesters going from Banga Bhawan to AICC headquarters on Akbar Road were taken into custody by the police.

However, the Delhi Police rubbished reports of Congress workers being detained. The Delhi Police on Sunday said that the party workers were not detained, but were brought to the designated protest sites in buses.

Delhi Police said in a tweet, “Today there is a rally of Indian National Congress at Ram Leela Maidan. Party workers protesting elsewhere were taken in Delhi Police buses and dropped off at the designated place of protest. No one has been taken into custody.”

On the other hand, in his address at the rally, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the BJP government at the Center. He said that the leaders of BJP and RSS divide the country and deliberately create an atmosphere of fear in the country. This will not only benefit India, but China and Pakistan.

Launching an all-out attack on the BJP government at the ‘Mehngai Par Halla Bol’ rally at Ramlila Maidan, he said that the government has closed the way for the opposition to speak in Parliament. The only way for us is to talk to the people directly and tell the truth of the country to the people and listen to them.

He said that this is the reason why the Congress party is starting ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, which will help people to talk directly and discuss their issues.

In his address, Rahul said, “Ever since the BJP government came, hatred and anger are increasing in the country. Fear of future, inflation and unemployment is increasing in the country, due to which hatred is increasing in the country.” Hate divides people and country, which weakens the country.”

He further said, “BJP and RSS leaders divide the country and deliberately create fear in the country. Only 2 industrialists of the country are taking advantage of this fear and hatred.”

In the ‘Halla Bol’ rally, the Congress MP said, “Small and medium businesses and farmers give employment to the country, but the backbone of these people has been broken by Narendra Modi. Will grow even more in time.”

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