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In any Shiva Temple… Devotees go directly and visit the Lord. But in this temple, the devotees have to reach the sanctum sanctorum by touching the Dvadasha Jyotirlingas in the water. It is remarkable that there are idols of other deities in this temple called Bhukailasam.

The temple of Bhukailas is visible in a spacious courtyard… amidst green trees. If you enter the premises of this temple… first there is a 65 feet huge idol of Lord Shiva. If you go a little further from there… there is a special arrangement to go inside through the water path… there are also Dvadasha Jyotirlingas in that water. Similarly, one can see idols like Veerabhadra, Anjaneyu, Kalabhairava, Vinayaka, Tuljabhavani, Kalikadevi etc. in the courtyard. Devotees believe that if you visit this Lord Shiva in Antaram Tanda, Tandur Mandal, Vikarabad District, Telangana, your troubles will go away.


About twenty years ago, a Shiva devotee named Vasupavarnayak, who lives in Antaram Tanda, went to the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal. The devotee, who stayed there for four years and participated in many service activities, wanted to build a Shiva temple in his Tanda too. He told the same thing to his brother Shankar Pawar Naik and together they focused on the construction of the temple. They started allocating fifty percent of the income from their real estate business for the construction of the temple. Donations were also collected from donors. So, in 2001, the construction of the temple was started in the area of ​​more than five acres. Vasupavarnayake says that the temple was opened for devotees from 2010 after the construction was completed in nine years.

Great Brahmotsavams

Rudrabhishekam is performed daily here along with regular pujas to the Lord. On the day of Mahashivratri, Brahmotsavams are held throughout the week. It is remarkable that thousands of devotees from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra come to this temple to see many programs like Shiva Parvati Kalyanam, Homal, Abhishekal, traditional dances of tribal women along with other pujas. The administrators of the temple have also started programs like Nityannadanam for the devotees who come here, welfare for poor couples, financial assistance for students’ studies.

How to reach

This temple is located in Antaram Thanda of Tandur mandal in Vikarabad district. From Hyderabad you have to reach Tandur by trains, buses and private vehicles. Travel four to five kilometers from there and you will reach the temple.

– Kompalli Ramesh, NewsToday

Tandoor is rural

Did you hear this…

Goddess Garbarakshambika who bestows children

Devotees believe that not only childless couples, but also those who are pregnant, if they visit the Goddess in this temple, the Navamas will pass without any hindrance and they will pick up a fruitful papaya. That is why foreigners visit this temple. Known as Garbarakshambika Devi, this goddess temple is located in Thirukarukavoor, Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. Once when sages Gautama and Gargeya came to this place, they saw a childless couple. As the couple worshiped Goddess Garbarakshambika on the advice of Rushula, she became pregnant. However… it is said that some problems were faced after months… Then Devi appeared and prevented them. As per the wish of those sages, Devi was measured here. And… if you visit Lord Shiva who shines here as Swayambhu, illnesses will be cured. No abhishekal is done to Lord Shiva in this temple. According to the wishes of the devotees, Oil Abhishekam is performed in the name of Punugu Sattam… and that oil is distributed as Prasad.

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