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Did we cross Britain.. Isn’t that the real thing!

Bloomberg has stated that India has further improved its position in the list of the world’s largest economies. Currently, the USA is the first in the list of the largest economies in the world, followed by the People’s Republic of China, followed by Japan and Germany.

They have been saying that India will rise to the fifth position for four years. Bloomberg says that India’s position has improved and reached the fifth position as England has slowed down due to the effects of Corona. It is said that India is the fifth largest economy in the world.

And because we have become the biggest economic system than England, it is a big mistake to think that India has developed more than England and Indians are living more comfortably than citizens in England!

This is what Bloomberg says.. It will take another ten years for Indians to receive the living standards that citizens of the UK enjoyed in the 1980s! This is a harsh reality. If we leave aside the issue of economic system… the indicator of the development of any country is the basic facilities and the living standards of people! These are the only truths. Everything else is different. In this regard, India is still very far behind!

Do you think that it will take another ten years for the governments here to bring Indians to the level of standards that British citizens lived in in the 1980s! Let’s say ten years.. at least by 2030. And we are celebrating that we have passed Britain.. If we have to wait till 2030 to reach the standard of living of 1980 there, how long will it take for India to reach the standard of living of the same Britain in 2030?

Not if the financial system is big.. Per capita income should increase, employment standards should improve, basic infrastructure facilities should be planned! If they have these, the financial system is the same whether it is small or big! Forgetting the fact that the living standards are hundreds of times better than ours in countries with much smaller economies than India, it is no use saying that it is the fifth place!

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