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The young man called 3 more people from another district, beat him to death with a bat; 4 arrested | Dhamtari Crime News: Contractor murdered over money dispute, Chhattisgarh News

Dhamtari3 minutes ago

Accused in custody.

There has been a big disclosure in the case of contractor’s body found 2 days ago in Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh. In fact he was murdered. It was told that the contractor was demanding his money back from a young man. Due to this the accused got angry and he called 3 people from another district. After this, the four together beat the contractor to death with a cricket bat. The matter is of Sihawa police station area.

The body of Jyoti Prakash (35), a resident of village Mode, was found on 2 September in the hills of Shanta Cave of Sonamgar. His face was badly bruised. Since the body was found, the police was investigating the case from the murder angle itself. Jyoti Prakash used to do contractors in village panchayats. In such a situation, the police had expressed the possibility of his murder in the transaction of money itself.

A blood-soaked body was found in the hills.

The police was still investigating in this case. Meanwhile, it was learned that Jyoti Prakash had given money to Lokesh Kumar Sondere (29), a resident of village Sirsida sometime back. But Lokash was not returning the money to him. After coming to know about this, the police took Lokesh into custody and interrogated him strictly. During interrogation, he confessed his crime.

12 lakhs was taken

The accused Lokesh told that I had taken a loan of Rs 12 lakh from Jyoti Prakash. He was asking me for the same money again and again. But I could not return it due to lack of money. Despite this, he was pressurizing me. I was fed up with this. Then I made a plan to kill him and called a minor, Deep Kumar Patle, Amar Singh Jangde from Mungeli to kill him by paying him money.

Such a crowd had reached there after the body was found.

Such a crowd had reached there after the body was found.

taken under the pretext and killed

The accused told that after calling the three, we all went to Jyoti Prakash’s house on the night of September 1. From there we took him under some pretext to the hills of Shanta Gufa in Sonamgar. There we killed Jyoti Prakash by thrashing him with a cricket bat. After the murder, they fled leaving the body there. The police have also arrested minors, Deep Kumar Patle, Amar Singh Jangde on the behest of Lokesh. The police disclosed the whole matter on Sunday.

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